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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Iranian Officer Arrested In Iraq

While the US is allowing Ahmadinejad to come into the United States of America to address the UN's General Assembly, and while the University of Columbia is welcoming this murdering madman to speak, we have an Iranian officer that smuggles powerful roadside bombs into Iraq to kill OUR soldiers, being arrested in Iraq.

Anyone else see something seriously wrong with this picture?

The suspect - a member of the Quds Force, an elite unit of Iran's Revolutionary Guards - was detained in the Kurdish city of Sulaimaniyah, the military said.

He was allegedly involved in transporting roadside bombs, including armor-piercing explosively formed penetrators, or EFPs, into Iraq, according to a statement. It said intelligence reports also indicated he was involved in the infiltration and training of foreign fighters in Iraq.

Officials have said the Bush administration is expected to soon blacklist the Quds force as a terrorist organization, subjecting part of the vast military operation to financial sanctions. The move would be in response to Iranian action in Iraq and elsewhere.

Also Thursday, the No. 2 U.S. commander in Iraq a 7-month-old security operation has reduced violence by 50 percent in Baghdad, but he acknowledged that civilians were still dying at too high a rate.

Ahmadinejad had the audacity that only a madman could have to request a visit to Ground Zero in New York, which officials wisely decided to deny.

Michelle Malkin asks if it is time to organize a "welcoming party" for Ahmadinejad.

Power Line regarding Columbia's disgraceful invitation to Ahmadinejad:

Columbia and President Bollinger are a disgrace. They welcome to their campus a man who is a ringleader in the seizure of American hostages, a terrorist, the president of a terrorist regime, and the representative of a regime responsible at present for the deaths of American soldiers on the field of battle. Columbia's prattle about free speech may be a tale told by an idiot, but it signifies something. And President Bollinger is a fool who is not excused from the dishonor he brings to his institution and his fellow citizens by the fact that he doesn't know what he is doing.

Rarely will you see me say anything good about Hillary Clinton, but she and Rudy Giuliani spoke out against Ahmadinejad's request to visit Ground Zero.


"It is unacceptable for Iranian President Ahmadinejad, who refuses to renounce and end his own country's support of terrorism, to visit the site of the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil in our nation's history,"

Giuliani says it is "outrageous":

"This is a man who has made threats against America and Israel, is harboring [Osama] Bin Laden's son and other al Qaeda leaders, is shipping arms to Iraqi insurgents and is pursuing the development of nuclear weapons,"

Hat Tip to Michelle Malkin (linked above) Ahmadinejad says that depsite NYC's rejection of his request, he intends to go to ground zero anyway!!!!

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad requested to visit Ground Zero during an upcoming trip to New York. That request was rejected Wednesday. But a source tells Eyewitness News that the decision may not stop him.

A law enforcement source says the Iranian mission to the United Nations has informed the Secret Service that the Iranian president intends to visit Ground Zero Monday at 10 a.m.

The source says regardless of the NYPD's rejection of the request for a Ground Zero tour, Iran's president and his entourage will be accompanied by a Secret Service protective detail, a detail provided to all heads of state when they visit the United States.

Captain Quarters correctly states what will happen if Ahmadinejad attempts to get near Ground Zero:

I'm not in New York City. However, I'm sure that the same people who strapped a nation on their back and showed us how Americans react to cowards and their sneak attacks will not allow Ahmadinejad to make it to Ground Zero. We can expect a massive example of civil disobedience, with New Yorkers lining the streets to block Ahmadinejad's access to the site. If enough of them hit the street, the police will not be able to stop New Yorkers from bringing Ahmadinejad's progress to a standstill -- and given how many NYPD and FDNY heroes died at the site, they may not be motivated to assist Ahmadinejad at all.

We need to send a message to the jihadists: Terrorists, Go Home. That includes their chief sponsor.

He is right and leading the charge is Pamela from Atlas Shrugs:

He funds and supports terror around the world.
He wants a world without the US and Israel..
He is developing nuclear weapons..
He denies the Holocaust.

Join the National Rally to End the Threat Now Monday, September 24

12:00 noon, rain or shine

Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
2nd Avenue at 47th Street
(across from the United Nations) New York City

I expect every Atlas reader that can be there, to be there. We need to make a statement.

9/11 Families will also be there to block the path:

Just shove the wreath you want to place at Ground Zero, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Those are my words and so are these: if you try to set one foot on where the terrorists your regime supported murdered a member of my family and 3,000 others, I will be there standing in your way.


No, I do not want to get arrested and would not resist arrest for blocking his path but I will not stand by idly while Mahmoud Ahmadinejad walks on our sacred ground.

Mark Levin

I’ve never been arrested yet I will be if that terrorist tries to set one foot on Ground Zero. I will stand in his way at that sacred ground and they will have to arrest me if he comes there. That is where the very same terrorists thta [sic] he and his regime supported murdered a member of my family.

For those too brain dead to understand the outrage being shown, this lunatic is an Extremist, one that has made threats against Israel, the United States and the UK as well as other countries.

He is head of a state that sponsors terror and as we showed above, it is HIS officers, Iranian officers that are smuggling weapons, bombs, into Iraq to kill our soldiers.

The people of New York will not allow him near Ground Zero and they are right in their outrage over the mere thought of it.

More reactions over at Stop the ACLU.

More at Drudge.

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To allow Ahmedinejad to visit Ground Zero would be from Tel-Chai Nation...

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