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Friday, September 21, 2007

New Rules of Engagement

Roger Gardner, frequent commenter here and reader has a piece up at Political Grind in reference to the threats to our schools in which we spoke about here.

Teaser from Political Grind:

If this isn’t a “wake up call”, then I don’t know what more it would take.

It’s time to take off the gloves, America. It’s time for new rules of engagement.

To prepare ourselves for this battle we must begin by taking a refresher course in self-defense. Our first lesson must be to insure that we have a clear and unobstructed understanding of what it is we are defending and, further, we must firmly believe that it is indeed worth defending.

We are living in an new era, the Age of Unreason. We are being ruled by a ruthless and unyielding dictator who hides under the benign title of Political Correctness. This tyrant requires nothing less of us than our complete and unquestioning obedience to his rules of conduct. His ironclad laws permeate every area of our existence, even penetrating into our innermost thoughts. He vigorously supports and enforces these regulations through a formidable array of propaganda, misinformation and outright lies.

Like all tyrants and professional propagandists, he propagates these lies through an effective combination of coercion, intimidation and endless repetition. The tyrant succeeds when the people eventually weaken and become completely and utterly convinced that the tyrant’s agenda is the only path to real truth, and that the goal of righteousness — i.e. “right thinking” — can only be achieved by the strictest adherence to his dictates.
Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zedong all thoroughly understood these principles and used them masterfully. Their followers were not merely loyal, they were rapturous in their zeal.

And God help the dissenters.

Go read the rest, it is a very good piece.