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Monday, September 17, 2007

Comedy Night at the Emmy's

Al Gore is now the proud recipient of an Emmy.

What was Al's contribution to television to receive this coveted award?

Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Television.

That's right, a new category, from what I've heard.

Something created JUST FOR the former Vice President, I'm sure.

Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Television

What a laugh.

I have another award for you, Mr. Gore.

Wake Up America's Rubber Chicken Award, for your tree hugging, your very bad beard a few years back, along with the flannel shirts, your blatant hypocricy concerning energy conservation, and just because you make Tennesseans look STUPID in general. It's Tennesseans like YOU, Mr "I've really lived inside the beltway most of my life but my family comes from Tennessee," who make the rest of us look BAD.

CONGRATULATIONS, here's your chicken.

Once and Always, an American Fighting Man