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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Washington DC Rallies and Counter-protests: Part Two-Coverage

Yesterday we blogged all day about the Gathering of Eagles and Move America Forward, Free Republic and many other groups rallying in Washington DC in support of the troops.

The response was great, I had many calling me with updates, emailing and sending me pictures throughout the day... you can find all that here.

I want to thank all those that commented and linked to those updates throughout the day and special thanks to Bob and Clyde from Gathering of Eagles, Dean and Snooper for the updates, the emails and the pictures throughout the day.

Today, lets follow up with a few reports from the Rally.

First, our guest contributor, Snooper from Take Our Country Back, was there and has his initial post up about his experiences.


I stood with my brothers and sisters yesterday and it was but one step in a journey of many steps. We have been silent and inactive for too long and we have finally been heard. Join us in our quest, will you? We scared them yesterday. We out-shouted them all yesterday. All I could hear from my perch for photos were Eagles Soaring...I could not hear the enemy and many were crying. Good. Let them cry. They have lost.

Let them display their colors of dishonor of yellow and pink...perhaps one day we will paint the stripes on their backs as we send them off to another country to live where they can feel more at home. We don't want them here and there are more of us than there are of them.

Go read the whole thing and see his original pictures of the event.

Move America Forward, who just complete their 27 stop caravan, traveling over 3,000 miles across the country, was there in full patriotic force and here is their initial reports to be followed up with further reports later.

Unbelievable. From the powerful rally of red, white and blue to a miles’long contingent of patriots, thousands of people came out today to show unwavering support for America’s troops.

Melanie Morgan, chair of Move America Forward, emceed the Gathering of Eagles, a 7,000-person strong contingent of red-blooded Americans on the Capitol Mall.

The respecful gathering contrasted with the anti-war crowd that carried signs saying “f..k Bush” and other enlightening phrases. About 5,000 losers marched from the White House to the Capitol where a group of the held a die-in. They carried names of America’s heroes who gave their lives, despite pleas from the parents and families of those soldiers who asked that they not dishonor the troops.

After the morning rally of patriots, which was bolstered by hard work from Free Republic, Gathering of Eagles, Families United and other pro-troops groups, lines of red,white and blue America-lovers lined the streets where Code Pink and other anarchist, communists and socialists marched. It was quite a gauntlet.
As of this writing, our brave police had to arrest the miscreants who lay in the streets. It was sickening to see.

So enough of that. Allow me to take you back to the real story: the rally.
Too much happened, too much was said, too much was embraced for words.

Gold Star families, those whose loved ones gave their lives for America, spoke about their continued support for our troops, the need to win in Iraq.

Rep, Duncan Hunter, who is running for the Republican nomination for president, spoke at the rally. A veteran himself, Congressman Hunter always pushes an agenda to protect and honor our troops. His son has served in Iraq and is now in Afghanistan.

Go there too and on the left side of the screen you can read about the whole trip, all twelve days, just click what day you want and read up on this great effort and great response from the American public in support of our troops and their mission.

Michelle Malkin was there also and is reporting here, here and here.

From her latest report she points us to this little tidbit from ABC news:

Thousands of anti-war protesters holding black and yellow signs saying "End the War" filled the park in front of the White House today demanding an end to U.S. occupation of Iraq. Police said they arrested 189 people, one of them on a felony charge of carrying an incendiary device.

"USCP made 189 arrests at the US Capitol for individuals who crossed police lines and attempted to enter secure areas near the Capitol," said Capitol Police spokesperson Sgt. Kimberly Schneider. "Those arrested are currently being processed at US Capitol Police facilities. Two officers and two arrestees received minor injuries during the arrests."

No big surprise there at who the lawbreakers were. While Move America Forward had 27 rallies in 12 days without one arrest or incident of breaking the law, the anti-war protesters cannot manage to have ONE without getting 180+ people arrested.

AP and MSNBC are both reporting about this.

Despite claims that the far left fringes of the Democratic party "support the troops" but not their mission, please remember that their actions speak far louder than their rhetoric.

(HERE is their "support")

(Here is the patriots support)

(Here are the people that love America)

(Here are those that hate America, Hat tip to Victory Caucus)

All pictures from yesterdays rallies and protests.

ANY QUESTIONS about who the patriots are?

If you do, you certainly don't belong at this blog.

Here are two videos, 30 seconds each, from two more true patriots who were wounded in Iraq.

Wounded Veteran:

Another Wounded Veteran speaks about anger at Congress and Victory

Please remember that Vets for Freedom with be on the hill on the 17th and 18th to show their support for the troops, true support being that this group is made up OF Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

Try to take a few minutes to read "Petraeus testimony heartens the troops".