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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

John Cornyn Proposes Amendment to Condemn Attacks Against Petraeus

[Update] Cornyn amendment passes, roll call and text found here.

John Cornyn has just proposed an amendment to condemn anyone that attacks our Commanders or troops, as MoveOn did when they took out their ad in the NYT attacking General Petraeus, accusing him of "cooking the books" and calling him General Betray Us.

Dick Durbin is speaking out against this amendment of Cornyn's and at the same time saying he trusts General Petraeus. (Talking out both sides of his mouth again)

Dick Durbin just said the language in the MoveOn ad was wrong and he is trying to distract the issue by talking about the Swift Boat Veterans and John Kerry.

Cornyn has made it clear one was done as a political campaign and is like comparing apples with oranges because this attack was against a sitting General that is leading our troops in Iraq.

Durbin is doing everything in his power to stop a vote on condemning

Cornyn told Durbin to feel free and propose his own amendment about that issue but he holds no standing to try to get him (Cronyn) to change his amendment to include anything else.

Very interesting and I will update with how it all turns out.

Anyone want to bet the Democrats in the Senate will NOT pass an amendment condemning MoveOn, thereby proving once again they will not denounce the attack against General Petraeus?

The Corner gives us the President Bush's feelings regarding the MoveOn attack ad.

“It is one thing to attack me — which is fine,” the president said. But the president's view the attack on Petraeus as “an attack on men and women in uniform.”

He said pointedly: “I was looking for the voices from leadership on the Hill and I didn't hear too many.” He said, “This is wrong.”

The president added that the ad “was uncalled for...and so was the silence” from the Democrats on the Hill.

Yeahhhhhh Bush!!!

For anyone that has bee non another planet or under a rock (lol) and haven't heard about the MoveOn attack against General Petraeus, here are all our posts on one page about it.

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