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Monday, September 17, 2007

New Freedoms Watch Videos - Condemn MoveOn

I just saw a new Freedoms Watch ad condemning and encouraging people to call their senators and congress and telling them to take a stand and denounce MoveOn for their ad against General Petraeus. (So of course I had to go find them)

Here are the ads: (Each video 30 seconds. Watch them)

It’s time for Americans to take action to fight the efforts of anti-victory groups that are undermining the war on terror. Our commercials were developed to help boost support for the war on terror. If you agree with our message, we urge you to contact your Congresspersons and share your opinions.

This follows up with this mornings post regarding MoveOn, the gift that keeps the GOP.

Political leaders and newspapers are condemning the radical liberal group for its outrageous attacks against American military leaders. America and the forces of freedom are winning. Move On is losing.

The Wroblewski family lost their son 2nd Lt. John Wroblewski when he died of injuries received from hostile fire in Anbar province, Iraq on April 7th 2004. Listen to why his family believes Victory is America's only choice. is losing their battle because America and the forces of freedom are winning theirs.

Iraq war veteran John Kriesel lost both legs in a blast near Fallujah on December 2nd, 2006. It was near the end of his second tour. Listen to why John believes Victory is America's only choice.

Laura Youngblood lost 2 family members to al Qaeda terrorists, first her uncle Henry a New York City fireman who lost his life on 9/11, and than her husband Travis died fighting for our freedom in Iraq. Listen to why Laura believes Victory is America's only choice.

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