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Sunday, September 23, 2007

BREAKING-Protests at Columbia Already Starting

This thread is being continued at another URL for today- 9-24-07, with all day updates about the lunatics visit and the protests..


Does America wish to hear Ahmadinejad? I don't think so. And if the protests that are being formed are any indication of how America feels about his visit to the United Nations HERE ON OUR HOME SHORES, I'm not alone in that.

Ahmadinejad says Americans want to hear him

By Rick Hampson, USA TODAY
NEW YORK — Last year, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came to the United Nations as an outspoken antagonist of the United States but was upstaged by Venezuelan President Hugo Ch├ívez's declaration to the General Assembly that George W. Bush was "the devil."

This week, the Iranian president has the stage to himself, and the reviews are in.

" 'TEHRAN'TING LUNATIC … bloody handed villain … bearded blowhard" —New York Post.

"Iranian thug … madman" — New York Daily News.

"Maniac" — Republican Rep. Vito Fossella of Staten Island.

"Can't get a decent haircut" —Post columnist Andrea Peyser.

Nonetheless, before he left Tehran for New York on Sunday, Ahmadinejad told Iran's state-run media that he believes Americans want to hear him out.

"The American people in the past years have been denied correct and clear information about global developments and are eager to hear different opinions," he said.

Ahmadinejad also said the General Assembly was an "important podium" for him to express Iran's views.

He'll air those views today in a forum at Columbia University and Tuesday at the General Assembly. His visits to both places are likely to draw large protests.

Ahmadinejad, who has called the Holocaust "a myth" and says Israel should be "wiped off the map," was scheduled to arrive in New York Sunday night.

What do you think, America? Do you wish to hear what this man has to say? Or has he already had his say? Frankly, personally, I'd rather hear Borat...

Still looking for pictures to post on the site.

(End Update)

I am trying to find links and photos, will bring them as I can, but today, a day before Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran, speaks at Columbia University there are already protesters outside causing a stir.

Some of the signs I saw on the news showed "GO TO HELL" and there is a nice size crowd.

Imagine tomorrow.

I will bring the images and links as soon as they are up online.

In my searches I find that these protests were planned to start today and from the pictures shown on television, they started with a bang.

New York, USA -- A protest is set to welcome the arrival of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Sunday in New York for a visit.

Gathering steam from his critics, some elected officials and civic leaders plan a demonstration outside Columbia University where Ahmadinejad is scheduled to speak on Monday, the Associated Press reports.

I did also see someone from Columbia University trying to talk to the protesters, but they didn't care to listen as they waved their signs and shouted her down.

Good for them!

Updating as I find the links online.

Stay tuned, developing story..... (This will be updated later tonight or in the morning, I am going out for the night)

PERHAPS, one of our contributors, if they run across the photos will slap them up here.

UPDATE: pics are slowly trickling in...from MM (snooper)

Pictures are beginning to flow in...slowly. These are pics from the protests starting earlier today.

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