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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Convicted Killers Caught After Escaping From Utah Jail


A Wyoming sheriff's detective says Danny Martin Gallegos and Juan Carlos Diaz-Arevalo had stolen a vehicle and guns at knifepoint in Manila, Utah last night near the jail and fled on Interstate 80.

When authorities stopped them, the convicts climbed out of the SUV each holding a gun. Gallegos was shot in the stomach and taken to a Wyoming hospital in critical condition. Diaz-Arevalo ran but was immediately caught by authorities and booked into a county jail.

This has resulted in a deputy, who was in charge at the time of the escape, resigning.

Gallegos and Diaz-Arevalo slipped out of an outdoor courtyard through a door with a cluster of county inmates on their way to an adjoining garden. From there, they scaled a 12-foot-high fence topped with razor wire and made it to a roof, where they jumped to freedom.

Ellsworth said problems that contributed to the escape have been corrected.

"I don't want to describe them publicly for security reasons," he said in a statement.

Now lets hope they really did correct those problems that led to the convicts ability to escape.

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