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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Left: Living in Fantasy Land

The Twin Cities Conservative came across this letter to the editor in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and was sickened, yet not surprised. For, as you the loyal reader can attest, this element of "Blame America" defeatism is not only prevalent in our society, but wholly propagated by the Democratic Party.

You'll note that the misinformed reader refers to the Iraq War as an "occupation" while practically begging the Democratic-controlled Congress to declare defeat and bring the troops home. As those who experienced Vietnam can attest, the troops to whom the Left purportedly declares their allegiance will most likely welcome them home to a hero's welcome (note: sarcasm).

In the Left's collective, twisted mind, any defeat they can lay at the feet of President Bush and his "neocon" administration is a victory for the fantasy-world radicals. Moreoever, it's this hatred for Bush, as well as for ANYTHING Judeo-Christian, that has propelled the Left into the waiting arms of the Islamic terrorist.

So yes, Catherine from Shoreview: let's declare defeat, giving the Islamists an important ideological victory. Furthermore, let's demonstrate to the world that our country is not dependable, and that casualties of ANY SORT will deter us from defeating the TRUE ENEMY.

No, Catherine from Shoreview, the TRUE ENEMY is NOT Judeo-Christian principles, nor is it President Bush; it's the defeatist mindset on the Left.

Here's the letter (from Catherine Carey):

Democrats need to muster courage

We hear again and again from Democrats such as Wisconsin Sen. Herb Kohl that "we can't stop the war because we don't have a veto-proof majority" of 67, implying that if only we elect more Democrats, we can finally fulfill the will of the majority of Americans who want the Iraq occupation, the deaths and the hemorrhaging of hundreds of billions of tax dollars to end. Yet what they don't tell us is that all that is needed to bring our troops home safely is 41 brave senators.

To read the entire article, go to The Twin Cities Conservative

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