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Friday, September 21, 2007

We beat you yesterday, we'll beat you today and we'll beat you tomorrow

That head line was John McCain's words in response to a protester and good for him.

Reported from The Swamp:

Anti-war protesters barged into a speech Sen. John McCain was giving at the Capital Hilton this morning, but the interruption ended up giving McCain the high moment of his address to the National Rifle Association.

McCain was right in the middle of talking about the war in Iraq and how he and fellow Republicans are fighting to keep Democrats in Congress from forcing a change in strategy.

Suddenly, a young woman in a t-shirt reading "Troops Home Now" waded into the middle of the gun rights group, shouting "Bring the troops home!" and forcing McCain to stop speaking while she addressed the television cameras.

After a few seconds of camera time, a woman got up from her table at the NRA breakfast, wrapped the protester in an embrace and pushed her out of the limelight. A second protester was also lead out first by NRA members and then by security guards.

As the protesters left the room, McCain leaned into the microphone for the most emphatic thing he said all morning.

"Well, my friends, we beat you yesterday," he said. "We'll beat you today . . . And we'll beat you tomorrow!"

The crowd rose in an enthusiastic standing ovation, setting aside for the moment any past differences they may be holding against McCain. Some of them dislike his support for campaign finance reform and to standardize the sale of weapons at gun shows, but they largely agree with him on Iraq.

In the words of a Daily Kos writer, BarbinMD, The Democrats have "had their asses handed to them".

Quick recap:

The Webb amendment meant to slow bleed the military and force us into defeat in Iraq failed, the Feingold amendment meant to force us to withdraw and surrender, failed, and the Democratic politicians were forced to take a stand either with or against MoveOn which attacked General Petraeus', the commander on the ground in Ira and his credibility.

Links to the text and roll call votes are at each of those posts linked to above.

Add to that the Levin-Reed amendment was rejected today with a vote of 47-47.

A very bad day, ending a very bad week for the Democrats in the Senate that have been trying so hard to force our country into defeat in Iraq.

The votes aren't the worst of it though, the backlash from their supporters seems to be even harsher.

Wapo's head line "Senate Shelves Measure to Require Troop Withdrawal Timetable" and the sub head line reflects the article the best with "Vote Is Latest in Defeats for Democratic-Sponsored Provisions on War".

Comments From the Left Field states that Harry Reid needs to step down as majority leader ( good luck with that folks) and goes one to state:

This, however, is simply unacceptable, and given Democratic history this year on trying to pull the breaks on the Iraq war, inconceivable. From where I stand, Dodd’s vote can be little else but a symbolic attempt to stand firm, but it does little to actually forward any progress in putting an end to the Iraq war, especially when you consider that future bills will only be watered down in an attempt to woo Republican moderates over to our side.

An effective Senate Majority Leader would have his head.

But we have Harry Reid, ladies and gentleman. The man who folds when he should stand, and stands when he should fold.

I have to admit they have a point there. Harry Reid had the perfect opportunity to reach out and work with the moderate Republicans before the August recess, before we, Americans, started being shown any progress in Iraq, but Reid didn't. Reid took a hard line and decided it would be all or nothing, he counted on the August recess to divide the Republicans.

That backfired when we started seeing reports of success and progress coming from Iraq, some of those reports from Democratic politicians returning from Iraq with good news.

August recess ended and Reid, seeing the writing on the wall decided, too late, ok, lets negotiate, lets compromise, but the Republicans had also seen the progress taking place in Iraq and stood united for the most part, once again.

I truly would not want to be the person opening Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi's emails these days.

I see by the insanity I get emailed exactly how bad their emails must be, especially if some of the reactions across the blogosphere are being transmitted into emails from the far left liberal unhinged.


Americans are sick and tired of the politics of fear. We're not willing to trade them for the politics of cowardice and avoidance tactics disguised as bi-partisanship. What we need right now is for the Democrats to start practicing the politics of courage. Bring the bills onto the floor despite the cloture votes. Let the debate commence and trust the people to judge for themselves who is working for the best interests of the country. If the Democrats won't trust us now, they had better not bank on our trusting them again at the ballot box in 08.

Taylor Marsh head lines with " Senate Democrats are Cowards".

Ya'll think WE are hard on the Democratic politicians? Those reactions are from Democratic supporters!!!!!!

Liberty Street has a very strange almost creepy angle on this:

I think it's Big Tent Democrat who doesn't understand. Democrats do get it. Of course they do. Obviously, they know that the power of the purse trumps filibusters and vetoes. But knowing and doing are two different things. The problem is not that Democrats don't know what they should be doing -- the problem is that they are too terrified of the Republican minority to do it. Even when only 11% of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing. Mel Martinez's approval is much more important to congressional Democrats than that of any ordinary American. Even when, like a child desperately seeking the approval of a hypercritical parent, they cannot ever be craven enough to get that Republican love.

They are terrified of the Republicans? They want the Republicans love?

Ok, maybe time for that one to take their meds.

TPM points out that the Democrats are losing votes instead of gaining them:

The last time the Senate voted on Levin-Reed, it was blocked with 52 in favor to 47 against. Proponents of our continued presence in Iraq have held solidly together, with the same number of votes this time as they had last time.

I will say it again, I am glad I am not the one receiving the emails that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are no doubt getting.

I will end this as it is head line, from John Mccain:

"Well, my friends, we beat you yesterday," he said. "We'll beat you today . . . And we'll beat you tomorrow!"

We are united for victory, you are semi united for defeat.

Are these votes and the results of them really that surprising to anyone?

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