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Friday, September 21, 2007

Fred Thompson-Revoke Ahmadinejad’s Visa

Hat Tip to Stop the ACLU.

Dallas News:

Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson said Thursday that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad should not be allowed into the country, much less at the World Trade Center site, when he travels to New York next week to address the United Nations.

"I know there would be ramifications in the United Nations" if the U.S. refused to let Mr. Ahmadinejad into the country, Mr. Thompson said during a brief news conference at Dallas Love Field. "I would deny this character a visa. What's he going to do, visit there to get pointers for his own activities? I wouldn't let him in the country."

Mr. Thompson said the Iranian regime was a threat to Americans and should be dealt with accordingly.

"They've been killing Americans here and there all over the world for some time," he said. "They're doing so in Iraq today."

I am publishing this post for two reasons, first, I LOVED the cartoon and second, more importantly, because Fred Thompson has the right idea.

SCREW THE UN, if what they are asking is something that is bad for us, as a country, and we are hosting them, then we should refuse outright and invite them to move elsewhere.

There is no reason why we should allow Ahmadinejad into our country at all.

He is the head of a state that sponsors terrorism, he is the head of a state that is directly responsible for the deaths of our troops in Iraq and as such he should not be allowed to step foot in our country.

More from Hot Air.

The only reason I would let this murdering thug into the country is so that as he landed I could have the privilege of publicly kicking the bastard right back out again.

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