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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Vets For Freedom in DC: The First Night

Snooper from Take Our Country Back and Pastor Ed from Do the Right Thing are both in DC with the Vets for Freedom.

They are busy so their posts are short and sweet but they have the "feel" of the group and both are having a good time.

From Take Our Country Back:

We are professional warriors all. We know that which is at stake because we have met the enemies over there and over here.

Congressman Brian Baird said: "I can get another job. I cannot get another country." He also said: "General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker were grilled by those in Congress giving 7.5 minute speeches in stead of shutting the hell up and listening to two of America's finest."

You will have to wait for the CD/DVD for the rest of the guest speaker's remarks.

These were the guest speakers:

Wade Zirkle (USMC, Ret), Founder VFF
David Bellavia (US Army, Ret), Founder VFF
Congressman Brian Baird (D-WA)
Congressman Jim Marshall (D-GA)
General Jack Kean (US Army, Ret), former Vice Chief of Staff, United States Army
Fred Kagan, Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute
Kim Kagan, Director, Institute for the Study of War

Tomorrow, at 0500 hours, we embark on a truly peaceful "assault" into Indian Country. We won't desecrate memorials. We won't crap on anyone's flag. We won't fly an American flag upside down. We won't carry a banner that supports the murder of American Troops.

We will conduct ourselves as Professional Military Men and Women, because we are professionals. We respect the property of others and we respect the Laws of The Land. That is what professionals do, of many things.

I won't be able to "live blog" but I will be able to call in to some folks and report in.

Do the Right Thing:

Wow what a first night. The picture above has all three of the featured speakers at tonight's dinner program. On the left (no pun intended) is Congressman Jim Marshall (D-GA); right is General Jack Kean, former Vice Chief of Staff, US Army: and Congressman Brian Baird (D-WA), seated with blond hair.

So I know what you are thinking, Moonbats for guest speakers, right? That wasn't the case. These are two Democrats who are not opposed to the war! Yes, you heard me right.

Of the two Congressmen, both Snooper and I were very impressed with Rep. Baird. He originally voted against the war in Iraq, but has been to Iraq and has changed his mind and believes in our mission and that we can win the war! He has taken great heat for his stand (Washington State + Democrat leaders), but he had the line of the night. This is a direct quote. He was asked aren't you afraid this will cause you to lose in the primary? Rep Baird said "I can get another job, I can't get another country".
Needless to say he got a standing ovation from 250 + veterans!

I took lots of notes and have a lot to report as does Snooper, but I will close this post and get ready to post another picture and short story.

Know this - the tide is turning, the surge is working, and I wish all of you could experience this feeling of solidarity and unity for nothing short of total victory!

God Bless America!
Pastor Ed

We will bring you more as they call, email and blog about it.

I left the last paraphrased quote from Snooper until the end:

Another item we were told of follows thusly: paraphrased from Brian Baird)

Those that whine and carry on about the political situation in Iraq clearly have lost the ability to comprehend that which the politicians of Iraq face each and every day. When the politicians get their wires crossed with their constituencies, they get killed. And the whiners whine. "And we cannot get anything done and the only fear we have is those from the MoveOn moonbats and people wearing pink petticoats!" (We ALL nearly fell out of our chairs.)

Baird seriously made some good friends last night.

Good for him.

So, while the blogosphere is buzzing about Richard Cohen talking about Hillary missing her MoveOn moment, our veterans who have given so much, and our Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans from Vets For Freedom, are once again fighting battles.... This time, on the hill and I do not see many speaking about that.

Brian Baird didn't miss his MoveOn moment, he had it last night.

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