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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Yahoo's Robert Scheer: Defeatist

Yahoo News’ Opinion Writer Robert Scheer is the latest liberal to espouse defeatism while exhorting the “colonialism” of the United States in this article.

The Twin Cities Conservative though you might get a chuckle (for laughter is the best medicine) out of the mindless, elitist rhetoric demonstrated by the out-of-touch Scheer.

Let’s review a few of the author’s inane remarks:

First, right off the bat, he targets the Bush administration for attacking Afghanistan and Iraq, presumably, in his opinion, without any provocation. Scheer and his Leftist friends typify the conception that 9/11 has been forgotten; furthermore, they conveniently forget that President Clinton, the United Nations, and several global intelligence agencies believed Saddam Hussein to either possess WMD or developing a clandestine weapons program.

They forget this fact. They expediently forget that double-digit UN Resolutions that Saddam violated that called for actionable force.

Furthermore, Scheer and his cronies forget the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis (mostly Shia and Kurd) that were butchered by Saddam’s death squads. They conveniently lose their memory regarding the use of chemical weapons on his civilians and Iranian soldiers (during the 80’s) that violated international weapons bans.

Second, this is how whacky the author is: he chides Democratic Senator Joe Biden for being a “hawk.” Uh, yeah…right. Biden, like a vast majority of his Leftist brethren, have been espousing surrender in the form of “cut and run” for many months now.

Third, Scheer denounces the United States for blatant colonialism. In his words, our military is developing weapons, vehicles, etc. for an ongoing “occupation” of Iraq: “This leader of the loyal opposition rises not to criticize Caesar, but to one-up him. The panic button that Bush is using this time is the need for more MRAPs, fortified troop carriers that cost a million bucks apiece but evidently provide better protection against roadside bombs. Bush wants to spend about a quarter of the new money on the rapid production of MRAPs — a mere $12 billion. But that's not good enough for Biden, who introduced legislation to increase spending on MRAPs by $23.6 billion, arguing, ‘We have no higher obligation than to protect those we send to the front lines.’”

Note the last line: “we have no higher obligation than to protect those we send to the front lines.” Here’s where the Left displays its true colors. Predictably, they abhor the military…in their collective minds, they’re nothing more than baby-killers, committing atrocities, and butchering hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians while plundering countries like Iraq and Afghanistan of their natural resources.

Give me a break…

Here’s the complete article:

More Money Down the Iraq Drain

In for a penny, in for a pound. What the heck — the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have already soaked up $808 billion, so why quarrel about the Bush administration's request this week for another $50 billion in supplementary spending? That's on top of the $141 billion in supplementary spending already added to the 2008 budget for the Iraq disaster.

Understand that "supplementary" means, in this case, an allocation of funds beyond the $750 billion U.S. taxpayers spend each year on the regular defense budget. And that's a conservative estimate made by former Assistant Secretary of Defense Phillip Coyle in an interview on Truthdig. As Coyle points out, this is money spent largely without significant oversight, particularly during the years after the 9-11 trauma heightened the already irrational evaluation of our national security needs.

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