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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More works by Forest Langley

On September 10, 2007, I received an email from Forrest Langley, and in that email he gave me the privilege of posting his works here at Wake up America, which I did, and many could not make it through that one post without being so touched, or for veterans, remembering, that they had to stop, regroup and then finish.

His original email:

My name is Forrest Langley, I am 100% total and permanent disabled. I was in Yusufiyah Iraq in Sunni Triangle of death. I was in multiple explosions. I have Traumatic Brain Damage. I earned several purple hearts for my troubles. I am sick of congressmen and senators walking over the blood of Soldiers. If you would burn the world down with these Copyrighted poems and let the world know how us soldiers feel. Most soldiers that I talk to I would say 98% feel this way. God Bless you Forrest Langely Ps. I cant function well but I have been given a gift that I didn't possess before the explosions. Please pass my gift along to influence others. Dear sir their is 5 attachments here. 5 different poems. I wish that you would send them around the world so us wounded Combat Soldiers who have been on the front lines can make fools out of this crowd and maybe cost them the election.

The first piece I published for him can be found here. (Bring tissue)

(Snooper from Take Our Country Back with Forrest Langley at the White House breakfast, September)

(Pastor Ed from Do the Right Thing with Forrest Langley at the White House breakfast, September)

Yesterday I received another email from Forrest, asking if I would publish another poem that he wrote.

A night of terror and insanity

It stalks and still haunts me

Ghosts that you cannot see

Wars horrors a horrible agony.

out of the gate we rush into war

as soldiers have done times before

defenders of freedom of liberty

We fight for you so you can be free

I do remember the stench of the blast

instantly light changed to darkness fast

My comrades lie bleeding on the sand

does America care or even understand

I'm out here fighting for you and for me

so my children and yours can live free

i want them to be able to worship god

who freely shed for us his righteous blood

o America America do you care

out here i fight wounded in fear

afraid of us loosing our liberty

to worship our god and live free

fighting for you, WON’T you stand with me

shedding our blood for your liberty

politicians argue fight say unjust war

we bleed and die for freedom once more

If you don’t open your eyes and look and see

that YOU’RE on the brink of world war three

to achieve peace you must wage violent war

if not terrorists will fight at your front door

this war on terror has got to be fought

it is not a war that we chose or sought

if we stay divided great will be our fall

with Muslims united and jihad the call

political correctness makes us willingly blind

CAN’T call the pot black it doesn’t sound kind

experience teaches soldiers future to come

lose war in Iraq and you'll fight them at home

suicide BOMBERS and insurgents in your city streets

senators and congressmen have declared our defeat

our soldiers blood is dripping from their own hands

worried about votes as soldiers die in Iraq`s sands

enemy sees your division and laughs in your face

look at America they say she has become a disgrace

your enemy is united and they have the determination

kill or convert you and make this an Islamic nation

we've kicked god out of America and now IT’S payday

unless Christians get concerned and start to pray

our enemy is overtaking us blind we just wont see

our trojan horse is~ you must be correct politically

Poem written by Forrest Langley who has traumatic brain injury. He has been given a gift to write poetry wont you pass it along so that others will see the truth.


Forrest Langley,
U.S. Army Infantry Ret.

Thank you Forrest for continuing to send me your work.