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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Update on German Terror Plot:: 10 More Hunted

Yesterday we posted about 3 terror suspects that were arrested and charged with planning a terror plot, plotting massive attacks against U.S. interests in Germany.

They were planning massive attacks,” the German federal prosecutor, Monika Harms, said at a news conference, outlining a vast six-month investigation. She said that the suspects had amassed huge amounts of hydrogen peroxide, the main chemical used to manufacture the explosives used in the suicide bombings in London in July 2005.

Ms. Harms said the two German suspects were converts to Islam who had trained in terrorist camps in Pakistan. They had amassed 1,500 pounds of hydrogen peroxide to make explosives, which they had hidden and were preparing to move when they were arrested on Tuesday afternoon. Officials said they also had military grade detonators.

“This would have enabled them to make bombs with more explosive power than the ones used in the London and Madrid bombings,” Jörg Ziercke, head of the German Federal Crime Office, said. Mr. Ziercke said the suspects belonged to a radical Islamic group with “close links” to Al Qaeda.

German officials were visibly relieved by the arrests, which they said were a six-month investigation involving 300 people from the police and prosecutor’s office. On Wednesday, police raided 41 houses and apartments across Germany, seizing computers and other evidence.

We showed the story. The trend of failed terror plots and analysis of what their are so many plots being foiled and Islamic extremists being arrested of late.

Today we see that it is being reported that 10 more people are being hunted in connection with that terror plot.

"This is the network that we are aware of at the moment," Hanning told the ARD public television channel. He added that the cell had been splintered and no longer posed a direct security threat. Nevertheless, he warned that Germany still remained a target for Islamic terrorists and that the risk remained high.

Among the suspects still at large were some German converts to Islam, some Turkish residents of Germany and also people of other nationalities, Hanning said.

According to an official close to the investigation, at least one of the men is Pakistani, another is Lebanese and one is stateless. At least one of them left Germany by plane to go to Turkey, but he may have since traveled elsewhere, said the official, who declined to be identified because the investigation continued. (Source)

Makes one wonder if this is part of the promised "gift" that is being investigated by counterterrorism officials. (Hat Tip to Take Our Country Back)
Federal counterterrorism officials are analyzing a posting on an Islamic forum Web site that warns of "a special gift" to be given on the sixth anniversary of Sept. 11, FOX News has learned.

The warning was posted Sept. 2 on a site frequented by radical groups and said in part that "there will be a special gift coming on the day of the blessed invasion of Manhattan."

Federal officials told FOX News they are trying to determine if it might be a specific warning or just part of broad chatter that has been heard during the last few months.

Postings talking about "gifts" have been seen before in the days leading up to the anniversary of Sept. 11.

If so, the gift won't be delivered and those promising such a gift will be sorely disappointed.

Maybe THIS is the "gift" we are to expect.