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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pelosi: Counterproductive and Foolish

As I wrote about yesterday, Israel and Syria also just got a good taste of what Nancy Pelosi and some other Democrats do best in their political careers.

From Haertz:

According to sources at the Prime Minister's Office, "Pelosi took part of the things that were said in the meeting, and used what suited her."

In her bumbling attempt to insinuate herself into the position of Secretary of State as she has constantly been trying to usurp the Presedential powers, she has overstepped here to the point of doing more harm than good.

In her ignorance of foreign affairs and how foreign diplomacy is handled she has managed to set things backwards instead of forwards, and she has also found herself a few new friends.

Namely the TERRORISTS, to which she did get a GLEAMING endorsement from, via audio, no less. (Click the link, then scroll down to listen to the terrorists themselves praising Nancy Pelosi)

One terror leader, Khaled Al-Batch, a militant and spokesman for Islamic Jihad, expressed hope Pelosi would continue winning elections, explaining the House speaker's Damascus visit demonstrated she understands the Middle East.

We have said many times here that whether it is the Democrats and in this case, Pelosi's, intention or not, they give hope and comfort to none other than the terrorists themselves.

Now to that point, one would think if it is not intentional, they would do everything in their power to make sure that their talking points never coincide with the terrorists talking points again, wouldn't one?

So, the fact that they keep following the path that they chose, knowing full well how they are being veiwed and used by the terrorists, leaves us with only one logical conclusion.


Despite what Nancy Pelosi told the Syrian president al-Assad, this is what Israel's Prime Minister actual told dear old Nancy:

During Mrs. Pelosi’s meeting with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, before her visit to Syria, the Prime Minister said that a number of Senate and House members who recently visited Damascus received the impression that despite the declarations of Bashar Assad, there is no change in the position of his country regarding a possible peace process with Israel.

The Prime Minister emphasized that although Israel is interested in peace with Syria, that country continues to be part of the axis of evil and a force that encourages terror in the entire Middle East.

In order to conduct serious and genuine peace negotiations, Syria must cease its support of terror, cease its sponsoring of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad organizations, refrain from providing weapons to Hizbollah and bringing about the destabilizing of Lebanon, cease its support of terror in Iraq, and relinquish the strategic ties it is building with the extremist regime in Iran.

The Prime Minister clarified that by these measures it would be determined whether Syria is sincere about attaining a genuine peace with Israel.

What was communicated to the U.S. House speaker does not contain any change in the policies of Israel, as was communicated to other foreign leaders.

This was issued as "clarification" once Ehud Olmert understood that Pelosi, once again, took only what "suited" her and neglected to speak the truth to Syrian's president.

This is something, we here in America, are used to from Pelosi and party, but this can have serious consequences when the thruth is played with in this manner in dealing with foreign affairs.

I asked yesterday if she was senile, had dementia or was simply too damn stupid to manage to deliver a simple message.

Take your pick, neither answer matters much, the ramifications of what she did is the only thing that really matters at all.

Wapo editorial pages ripped her a new one, so to speak, in an article today:

HOUSE SPEAKER Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) offered an excellent demonstration yesterday of why members of Congress should not attempt to supplant the secretary of state when traveling abroad. After a meeting with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, Ms. Pelosi announced that she had delivered a message from Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that "Israel was ready to engage in peace talks" with Syria. What's more, she added, Mr. Assad was ready to "resume the peace process" as well. Having announced this seeming diplomatic breakthrough, Ms. Pelosi suggested that her Kissingerian shuttle diplomacy was just getting started. "We expressed our interest in using our good offices in promoting peace between Israel and Syria," she said.

The kicker:

Only one problem: The Israeli prime minister entrusted Ms. Pelosi with no such message. "What was communicated to the U.S. House Speaker does not contain any change in the policies of Israel," said a statement quickly issued by the prime minister's office. In fact, Mr. Olmert told Ms. Pelosi that "a number of Senate and House members who recently visited Damascus received the impression that despite the declarations of Bashar Assad, there is no change in the position of his country regarding a possible peace process with Israel." In other words, Ms. Pelosi not only misrepresented Israel's position but was virtually alone in failing to discern that Mr. Assad's words were mere propaganda.

Now many will cry out, but Republicans went there too!!!!!!!!

They did, but as this editorial points out;

"but those other congressmen didn't try to introduce a new U.S. diplomatic initiative in the Middle East."

Exactly and excellent point.

The end of the Wapo editorial sums it up nicely:

Never mind that that statement is ludicrous: As any diplomat with knowledge of the region could have told Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Assad is a corrupt thug whose overriding priority at the moment is not peace with Israel but heading off U.N. charges that he orchestrated the murder of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri. The really striking development here is the attempt by a Democratic congressional leader to substitute her own foreign policy for that of a sitting Republican president. Two weeks ago Ms. Pelosi rammed legislation through the House of Representatives that would strip Mr. Bush of his authority as commander in chief to manage troop movements in Iraq. Now she is attempting to introduce a new Middle East policy that directly conflicts with that of the president. We have found much to criticize in Mr. Bush's military strategy and regional diplomacy. But Ms. Pelosi's attempt to establish a shadow presidency is not only counterproductive, it is foolish.

There is a reason we have a separation of powers and the President is in charge of Foreign Policy and commander of our military.

Whether you like it or not does not change the fact that we have a constitution that separates the powers of Congress and the powers of the President, and Nancy Pelosi needs to be reminded SHE WAS NOT VOTED AS PRESIDENT.


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These are just a small sample at what you will find by way of discussion and blogging done on this issue over at memeorandum.

Read them all, especially those from the left that would rather slam Wapo for daring to criticize and call Pelosi's hand on her deliberate attempt to hide portions of the Israel message that didn't "suit" her, than to actually approach the issue of how badly she has screwed up this time.

They are always great and closing their eyes and refusing to see what they do not like.

Face it, she screwed up. Live with it and move on. I would say, maybe she learned something from all this, but I highly doubt that would be true and unlike the left that cannot own up when they screw up, I have no intention of deliberately misleading my readers with that type of false hope.

She has learned nothing. They have learned nothing. Bottomline, this is why they are rarely trusted with our national security and why their pitiful attempts at diplomacy have usually blown right up in there faces.

The appease instead of standing strong.

They show weakness when strength is needed.

They lie when the truth does not suit them as Pelosi did to Syria yesterday.

They are the terrorists best friends, according to the terrorists anyway.