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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Isn't THIS Special?

HUGE hat tip to 186 k per second for this.

Does she look right at home? Perhaps she should stay in Syria for as many photo ops as she can get with her good friend al-Assad.

There is SO much I could say to this but the picture basically speaks for itself.

Any comments?

[Update] Hot Air, SCSU Scholars, and LGF have comments on this, so go check em out.

[Update #2] Check out Amboy Times also.

Tired of being beheaded, hijacked, kidnapped and terrorized? Try Dhimmitude! It's 100% submissive and guaranteed to appease the enemies of freedom. Well, temporally anyway. Because that's all we have to do you know, is just be nice to them.

Read the rest, well worth the click.