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Friday, September 07, 2007

Anti-War Protesters Arrested--AGAIN

Anyone notice that when the pro-troop rallies occur, everything is peaceful, everyone follows the laws and stay within the bounds of where they are supposed to.

A great example is the Move America Forward rallies, 27 stops across over 3,000 miles, leading up to September 15 on the Capitol to show support for General Petraeus, the troops and their mission.

Joined with Families United for the troops and their mission, Gathering of Eagles, Vets for Freedom, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Freedoms Watch and many more. No one arrested, everything peaceful, everyone obeying the law.

Yet when the anti-war protesters get together, they cannot obey the law, they cannot remain peaceful, although they "claim" to be "peace activists"?

Remember the famous picture of Cindy Sheehan, insane grin on her face as she was carried away bu the police?

Well, again, anti-war protesters get arrested because they cannot obey the law.

More than a dozen police officers converged at a corner of Lafayette Square yesterday, bringing with them a horse and extra handcuffs.

Their target: a handful of demonstrators who had gathered to post two signs on an electrical box advertising a protest march Sept. 15 against the Iraq war.

During a clash that drew a crowd during lunchtime, two demonstrators, including an Iraq war veteran and the mother of another veteran, were arrested on charges of defacing public property. Police charged a third protester with impeding an officer.

"It was a case of extreme police overreaction," said Brian Becker, a protest organizer.

But Lt. Phil Beck of the U.S. Park Police said the officers took action only after the demonstrators ignored a command to remove a table and stop posting the signs.

The demonstrators, members of the antiwar Answer Coalition, have been in an ongoing dispute with the District and Park Service over their right to post signs in public places.

The D.C. government has fined the coalition about $20,000 for posting signs, and the Park Service has asked the group to remove them.

The coalition countered by filing a lawsuit challenging the District's regulations. The suit is pending.

The group assembled for a news conference yesterday at Lafayette Square to promise to put up more posters, regardless of possible sanctions. Within minutes, the pledge was tested. An officer approached and asked whether the demonstrators had a permit for their gathering.

As news cameramen focused in on the officer, he commanded the protesters to get back, ordered them to dismantle a table and called for backup.

The officer then got into a tussle over a bucket of paste with Tina Richards, the mother of an Iraq war veteran. "Let go of this," he shouted. "If you don't, you will be arrested."


The arrested protesters were to be detained overnight before being charged today in D.C. Superior Court with misdemeanors, said Sgt. Robert Lachance, a park police spokesman.

After the officers took the protesters away, the crowd dispersed. The officers eventually left, but not before taking care of one last piece of business: removing the two signs.

They can claim to be peace activist all they want, but they break the law and all they are are criminals.

They deface property like these people, they spray paint the Capitol building as they did back in January, destroying public property, they deface our Veterans Memorials, and yet they claim to be "peace activists".

Yeah Right.

They seem to think they don't have to obey the law. They seem to think they can get away with doing anything they want and do not have to follow the rules.

Well guess what? They can't.

I am glad they got arrested, if they cannot get the proper permits, then they shouldn't be allowed to protest.

Everyone else follows the law in order to hold rallies and protests, they are no better than anyone else and it is time they learned this.

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