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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Liberal Anti-Military Bias

A perfect example of liberal anti-military bias is in Nancy Pelosi's adored San Francisco, where Tuesday night, in a vote 4-2, the board of education voted to ban junior ROTC training in seven city high schools after 90 years. Throwing out 1,600 students that voluntarily joined the group.

To be fair here, although I rarely have much good to say about Nancy Pelosi, she DID issue a statement questioning the move.

San Francisco Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, who is set to be the next Speaker of the House of Representatives, issued a statement questioning the move. Pelosi says her record of supporting the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered communities is solid. Still, she worries the loss of the JROTC could, "eliminate much-needed opportunities and structure for young at-risk students from low-income and minority communities."

The school board voted to get rid of Junior ROTC in part because of concern that the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Harass" policy governing gay people in uniform violates San Francisco's non-discrimination values. Still, many students who take part in the program continue to fight to keep it alive. Some say "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is irrelevant to JROTC on school campuses.

"That doesn't even apply to cadets in Junior ROTC," Former Corps member Daniel Chin said. "The instructors are retired military. There's no active duty and therefore they aren't required to abide by 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

Conservative political commentators across the country are decrying the decision to cancel the military program.

"It's just a bunch of political elites voting anything down involving the military." former GOP Presidential Candidate Gary Bauer told a national radio audience. "Here's a program that's working. The kids love it."

Bauer says the decision proves that "all liberals are anti-military."

Hundreds of students had gathered outside the meeting to support J-R-O-T-C. They say the program teaches leadership, organizational skills, personal responsibility and other important values.

Mayor Gavin Newsom also weighed in on the issue, saying the resolution only hurts students and pulls them into an ideological debate.

"If people want to participate in it and their families want them to participate, I think they have a right to participate without putting them in the political peril of being in this ideological debate," he said.

One suggestion that has merit is that the Federal Government should immediately discontinue aid to San Francisco schools that have endorsed this ban on the ROTC.

These children join this group with parental approval. They are considering a career in the military to fight and defend our country when it is needed. Those 1,600 students, along with the thousands that will be prevented in the coming years are the same kids that will grow into men and women that will protect our country in the future.

Does anyone truly believe that the world is such a peaceful place and that there will never be a time when those same potential military men and women will never be needed? Will be asked to travel to foreign lands to protect OUR freedoms as military men and women have done for decades?

These are also the same men and women that when WE are attacked again on our soil, they will stand ready to fight for us, to fight for our safety.

What kind of values are you teaching your children when you kick them out of a group that promotes discipline and gives our children something to do, other than join gangs, do drugs and shoot up your schools?

This anti-military mindset defies logic. Those same people that have banned the ROTC will be the same loud mouths that will scream and yell when our military does not have enough men and women to do their jobs. These same jackasses that ban the ROTC and support the banning of the ROTC will be the first in line to cry out when their city gets hit with a terrorist attack and ask where THEIR protection is.

Our answer to them then should be: you didn't want it. Protect yourselves.

When they say "It is our right to have prtection". The answer should be "you forfeited that right."

When they need the military, the military should tell them "we don't need you."

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