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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Who Would Continue to Support Kerry

Senator Edward M. Kennedy Monday dropped his public commitment to support Senator John F. Kerry in a 2008 presidential race, saying that he won't wait "indefinitely" for Kerry to declare his intentions while the Democratic primary field takes shape.

So, what really amazes me is that anyone, even Teddy Boy, would consider supporting Kerry for anything other that a straight jacket.

All one has to look at is Kerry's Consistent Inconsistencies to know this is not only NOT presidential material, but the man shouldn't even be allowed to be in politics....period.

Then of course, the "botched joke" debacle, we have to wonder at Kerry's mental state at this point if he actually does decide to run for president again. Of course it would be very entertaining to watch the spectacle. I am all for a good show and quite a few laughs, but does anyone truly think Kerry would stand a chance?

Later in the day, Kennedy's office issued a statement clarifying that Kennedy will support Kerry if he declares his presidential candidacy "in the near term," though Kennedy aides declined to define that schedule.

Kennedy's comments mark the first public fissure between the two Massachusetts Democrats on the issue of Kerry's presidential aspirations.

Kennedy has been one of Kerry's strongest supporters both in the 2004 race against President Bush and in early discussions about the 2008 race.

In March 2005, when asked about a possible Clinton run on ABC's "This Week," Kennedy said, "My man is John Kerry." Kennedy endorsed Kerry again last October in an interview with the Associated Press: "If he runs, I would support him."

If Kennedy does endorse Kerry at a later date....well, all that would prove is that Teddy isn't the brightest bulb in the bunch either. Which I think was established long, long ago.

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