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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Couple Points about Iran

In the last few weeks I have done quite a few posts on Iran, Ahmadinejad, the Holocaust denial conference and the comparisons between the lunatic Ahmadinejad and Hitler and I have received some very interesting responses, with quite a few theories on why people either deny the Holocaust or simply cannot bring themselves to delve too deeply into it.... I will get into those theories below.

First though, I ran across an article in Ynet News showing that I am not the only one making comparisons between Ahmadinejad and Hitler, about the present day events and 1938 and one that possibly answers my question of who is going to stand up and deal with Iran before it becomes too late and ends up in a world war.

Opposition leader speaks to 60 ambassadors in Tel Aviv, says Ahmadinejad, like Hitler, is a problem for Jews but also for rest of world. Says Iran seeks nuclear armed thousand- year Islamic Reich. Ends on optimistic note, saying process can be stopped in 1,000 days.

The Iranian bomb can be stopped, and in 1,000 days – or so claimed opposition leader and Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu in a meeting with some 60 foreign envoys in Tel Aviv on Tuesday.

Netanyahu urged the diplomats to take action against the Iranian threat and not sit on the sidelines on the issue, saying that the longer the stick used to bar Iran from developing the bomb, the better the world's chances are of not seeing such a bomb used.

When has a world leader openly called for genocide, Netanyahu asked the audience, adding that such a thing goes against the moral principles the world is based on.

"The year is 1938 andIran is Germany," said Netanyahu, reiterating his message from last month in Los Angeles. Iran wants a nuclear weapon, he said, but this time the Jews have a country and also a responsibility.

My country is threatened, said Netanyahu to the delegates, but so are your countries – Ahmadinejad is a problem for Jews, like Hitler was, but he is also a problem for the entire world. Iran is pursuing a fanatical fantasy of a nuclear armed thousand-year Islamic Reich armed with nuclear weapons, which it will use, said Netanyahu. We must deny them this weapon, he said, you have the power to stop it and it can be done in 1,000 days.

Considering Israel would be the first country hit with an Iranian nuclear weapon, it is understandable that they would be the first to stand up and say, ENOUGH!!!

Enough sitting back and hoping that this will go will not.

Enough talk about sanctions that will be so watered down that they will not be effective... we cannot wait.

Enough is enough.

Netanyahu sees the similarities between present day Iran and 1938 Germany, between Ahmadinejad and Hitler and one particularly naive commenter of mine said he saw no comparison, he obviously did not actually READ the Never Forget post I did, I showed the actual words from Ahmadinejad right next to the almost identical words from Hitler in public speaking events. I also posted the timline of events from 1933 until 1945 and how one man, with his rhetoric, did in fact create conditions which brought about World War III.

I showed in Blame it on the Jews the same words from Ahmadinejad about how wiping the Jews out right next to Hitlers statements about exterminating the Jewish people and both of these mad lunatics blaming it on the Jews. YID with LID also points out that even the Palestinian president, Abba's has indeed denied the holocaust happened and blamed the Jews, and this is the "moderate" in the midst.

Yesterday I asked How much do YOU know about the Holocaust? I received a tremendous response via email asking if it could be crossposted, I will say now... anyone, take what you want from it, use it... REMIND people of what happened.

I pointed out how so many people, when asked about the Holocaust, will say they know about it, "a bunch of Jews were killed by Hitler"....this is what they think the Holocaust was.

People do not know that millions of others, not Jewish were murdered also. They either never learned it, ignored it all or simply forgot what was too unpleasant to remember.

Which brings me to a comment from Jason over at Superhero Historians in my comments section, where he nails this right on the head.

Unfortunately, many people probably don't want to know the details of what happened. Of course, that is a far different type of denial than the Holocaust deniers preach. I was very uncomfortable reading this post, but these accounts need to be read. I visited Dachau years ago, that was uncomfortable, but I think it was necessary. We live in a world which tends to turn a blind eye towards things until too late.


It is disturbing, it is uncomfortable to see but it is NECESSARY because if you do not bother to learn the truth, to understand exactly what happened, you will never be knowledgable enough to SEE the comparisons between Ahmadinejad and Hitler. To see the similiarities between what is happening now and what happened in 1938.

Some people simply do not have the stomach to look into it, to read about it, to learn.... those are the same people that will never understand how important it is to stop Ahmadinejad in his tracks...FAST.

For Hitler it started with a simply book called Mein Kampf where he made it clear his ultimate goal was to get rid of the Jews.

Ahmadinejad is bolder... he has been SO emboldened he states it outright at public events.

Ahmadinejad-August 2, 2006: "Although the main solution is for the elimination of the Zionist regime, at this stage an immediate cease-fire must be implemented." (as quoted by Iranian TV)

In the Summer of 1939 Himmler summoned Auschwitz Kommandant Höss to Berlin and tells him, "The Führer (Adolph Hitler) has ordered the Final Solution of the Jewish question. We, the SS, have to carry out this order...I have therefore chosen Auschwitz for this purpose."

These two statements alone says it all.... to Ahmadinejad it is called the "main solution" to Hitler it was the "Final solution".

Is that clear enough?

I asked yesterday: Haven't we been here here before?

Today I will ask: If one continues to walk in a cirlce, how many times will we go around this circle before we notice we are seeing the same scenery over and over again and realize we have been down this path before?

Then we have those that do not believe one man, Ahmadinejad can, in fact, start a world war.... I could point out that no one thought one man, Hitler, could either, but I have already pointed that let me put it another way.

With all the tensions and conflict going on right this very moment in the Middle East, Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan... we have Syria with very close ties to Iran, causing trouble in Lebanon, we have Iran supplying weapons with manufacturing dates of 2006 to the Iraq insurgents as well as having Hizbullah (where it has already been established to have direct ties to Syria and Iran) in Lebanon AND Iraq....... Iran's Ahmadinejad has already created and continues to create the perfect atmosphere FOR another world war. We also have Iran committing to help Hammas with money. In fact, every single problem in the Middle East that is going on right now, Iran has his fingers and influence in.

As per The Moderate Voice:

Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh received a promise from Iran of extensive economic aid, cash, military cooperation, and also good news, from his perspective.

Lower your profile, calm the situation, the Iranians told Haniyeh. In four months we're going to issue a statement that will dramatically change the strategic balance in the Middle East.

According to Israeli intelligence, the Iranians have promised to make an important announcement at the next Persian new year, which begins the third week in March 2007.

The Moderate Voice then goes on to voice the very same concerns about that statement as I am having.

We're all waiting for Iran to announce that it has developed a nuclear bomb of course. This could be it. On the other hand, it could be something different and it could be mere gossip.

However, assuming that there is at least some truth to it... it doesn't sound good to me. If Iran announces something that will change the balance in the region, it can't possibly be good for Israel nor for the West and is, as such, always reason for concern.

What the world needs to realize is that Ahmadinejad wants a world war and will continue to act in a manner that will bring it about. The world needs to act as one. The international community needs to put a stop to this madman before he can do any more damage...not tomorrow, not next month, not next year.

He needs to be stopped right now.

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