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Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas and Iran

I woke up this morning, Christmas morning and the first thing I see on the news is more information about Iran.

Iranians were seized in raids in Iraq, Iran to install 3,000 centrifuges from today after sanctions, Iran Rebuffs UN, Vows to Speed up Uranium Enrichment, and Iran: 600,000 jailed since the start of the year.

As I have pointed out multiple times in many posts, the most recent of which was "A Couple points about Iran Updated", where I said:

With all the tensions and conflict going on right this very moment in the Middle East, Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan... we have Syria with very close ties to Iran, causing trouble in Lebanon, we have Iran supplying weapons with manufacturing dates of 2006 to the Iraq insurgents as well as having Hizbullah (where it has already been established to have direct ties to Syria and Iran) in Lebanon AND Iraq....... Iran's Ahmadinejad has already created and continues to create the perfect atmosphere FOR another world war. We also have Iran committing to help Hammas with money. In fact, every single problem in the Middle East that is going on right now, Iran has his fingers and influence in.

The Astute Bloggers have a post up showing clear examples of timelines where we KNEW and still know that Iran is actively participating in KILLING AMERICANS.

Iran must be stopped and unfortunately it is going to be up to Israel to take the bull by the horns and do the job, because our country has become a nation of weak, flip flopping Americans that believe if a war gets hard, costs alot of money, it means we should not do the right thing. The right thing is only to be done IF it is easy.

For those that are under the impression that Saddam would not have needed to be toppled if we, in fact, knew he didn't have WMD's....first, only 10% of the WMD sites have been searched, but for this post, lets assume their is nothing in the other 90% of the sites...... I suggest you watch the video shown at Saddam's trial, which can be found here, then tell us that the world and certainly Iraq isn't better off, even in the current state, without Saddam. The same people that wish to help in Darfur, would they not have wanted to make sure Saddam was stopped also from committing genocide?

For the point above I used the assumption that Iraq didn't have ANY WMD's, yet that is not factual.

WMD: Weapon of mass destruction (WMD) is a term used to describe a munition with the capacity to indiscriminately kill large numbers of living beings. The phrase broadly encompasses several areas of weapon synthesis, including nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC) and, increasingly, radiological weapons.

Quite a few people do not equate WMD with gas, biological or chemicals... some actually think only a nuclear bomb is considered a WMD. Not so.

In 2001 Saddam stated that "we are not at all seeking to build up weapons or look for the most harmful weapons . . . however, we will never hesitate to possess the weapons to defend Iraq and the Arab nation". The International Institute for Strategic Studies in Britain published in September 2002 a review of Iraq's military capability, and concluded that Iraq could assemble nuclear weapons within months if fissile material from foreign sources were obtained.

In a more recent article the NYT states:

Among the dozens of documents in English were Iraqi reports written in the 1990s and in 2002 for United Nations inspectors in charge of making sure Iraq had abandoned its unconventional arms programs after the Persian Gulf war. Experts say that at the time, Mr. Hussein’s scientists were on the verge of building an atom bomb, as little as a year away.

Some experts, such as former Pentagon investigator Dave Gaubatz, allege that not all of the potential sites that may have WMDs have been searched. On February 12, 2006, he appeared on Fox News Channel and claimed he and fellow military investigators identified four underground bunkers with five foot thick concrete walls in southern Iraq believed to hold WMD. Iraqi informants had brought these sites to the attention of Gaubatz and his colleagues. Gaubatz claims that, for various reasons, these sites have never been inspected by the Iraq Survey Group or the CIA, and made a plea the sites be inspected. Gaubatz also reiterated his claims in a telephone interview with The New York Sun.

On August 14, 2005, The Washington Post published an article reporting a raid on a suspected chemical weapons facility in Iraq where (according to the US military) chemical weapons had been uncovered and were now in the process of being classified. The Post reported that "the suspected lab was new, dating from some time after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003."

The Washington Times editorialized on a moment on the "Saddam tapes" that revealed "Saddam was actively working on a plan to enrich uranium using a technique known as plasma separation. This is particularly worrisome because of the date of the conversation: It took place in 2000, nearly five years after Iraq's nuclear programs were thought to have stopped."

Yes, if I knew then what I know now, I STILL would have been on the side of those that understood that Saddam Hussein had to be brought down.

Iran, the lunatic that runs Iran also needs to be stopped.... I will ask again, who will step up to the plate and put an end to his madness?

Who has the guts, the political will and the backbone to complete that job while we are trying to honor our obligations to the Iraqi people despite those that wish to abandon the Iraqi people?

Ahmadinejad is as bad as Saddam Hussein was and has been VERY clear about his desire to wipe Israel off the map, destroy America and watch the UK fade away. He has declared war by virtue of killing Americans and stating his desire to commit genocide on Israel.

This man needs to be stopped.

The Gates of Vienna and Power Line are also discussing this.