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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Brave Prince vs the Wimpy Joe Biden

Prince Harry, the 21 yr old son of prince Charles and the late Princess Diana shows his courage and his belief in helping the Iraqi people by choosing to go to Iraq and fight beside his fellow soldiers.

Officially, the Ministry of Defence insists that a final decision about whether second lieutenant Harry will be allowed to fight in Iraq has yet to be made.

The Prince has always said he is determined to do battle with his 100-strong unit, A Squadron of the Blues and Royals — part of the Household Cavalry.

They begin a six-month tour of Iraq in the spring. And before that, they are expected to take part in war games and exhaustive preparations for conflict.

The decision over the young Royal is deemed so important it will be made by the Army’s top man, Chief of the General Staff General Sir Richard Dannatt.

But a bandwagon of popular support is growing among the ranks to allow Harry to fulfil his dream of active service. Despite alarm over the possibility of putting the Prince’s life in danger, top brass will find that hard to refuse.

And during the Falklands War, Harry’s uncle Prince Andrew was allowed to fly perilous missions in his Sea King helicopter.

But the most convincing argument AGAINST Harry seeing action in Iraq is the attention it will attract to his troop from suicide bombers. A target of the third in line to the British throne will be a magnet to fanatics for hundreds of miles around.

We have a brave Prince willing to go into combat for a cause he believes is just and on the other hand we have a wimpy Joe Biden that is more interested in "hearings" and "investigations" than he is on winning the war against terror.

Quite a contrast between these two men, it seems the younger of them, Prince Harry, could teach Joe Biden some lessons in courage and right from wrong.

Mr. Biden, a Democrat, announced that he would begin hearings on Iraq on Jan. 9 and expected high-ranking officials, including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, to appear.

Face it, the far left, the Democrats and people like Joe Biden will always wish to cut and run, admit defeat and never once consider the option of actually "winning". I am not even sure they know the meaning of the word.

As I pointed out in my last post, the Democrats have been singing this same song and using our brave soldiers deaths to manipulate the public. (correction made)

As I showed in the numbers, we have lost LESS men and women in this war on terror to date than in ANY other war and yet the Democrats continue to cry and moan and do everything in their power to tuck America's tail between our legs and run away while sucking our thumbs.

Yes, real leadership there!!!!!!!!

We are a nation that had war declared upon us before 9/11, but 9/11 actaully woke some people up to the fact, others, such as Joe Biden simply turned over, hit the snooze button and went back to sleep.

A message to Joe Biden: How about doing something to help this country WIN the war on terror instead of simply "using" the war for your political aspirations?

Biden has already announced his desire to run for president in 2008, how many people really think that the American public will vote in a coward that would rather hold meaningless hearings than try to form a plan that will bring success? I would BET that Biden doesn't stand a chance in hell of winning.

While Congress could hold up funding for the war in Iraq, the administration retains the upper hand in determining the American course there, especially since it is unlikely that a Congress that is so evenly split between Republicans and Democrats will speak with a unified voice.

Good job Prince Harry and to Joseph Biden.... SHAME ON YOU.

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