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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tim Johnson Update

Update on Tim Johnson, senator of South Dakota.

He is in critical condition, but stable. His surgery was a success they are saying and is in recovery.

I am kinda amazed at the amount of coverage this is creating in the major media outlets. Not surprised though, it is the job of the media to report what is happening and the ramifications of what could happen given the circumstances.

Wapo, Associated press, MSNBC, CBS, CNN and a slew of blogs from BOTH sides of the aisle are talking about this.

The man just had surgery, it is a little too early to be speculating about political ramifications concerning Johnson's health or political career. On the other hand, it IS news and distasteful as it is, people will talk and they will speculate, it is human nature no matter what side of the political spectrum you are on.

Bloggers from both sides of the aisle are wishing Johnson well and keeping his family in their thoughts.

Sister Toldjah points out that the left side of the blogosphere is hailing the MSM as right wing tools for all the speculation, yet I am seeing the same speculation from the left side of the aisle here, and just as much if not more, the liberal MSM.

Some on the far, far left are actually coming out with "conspiracy theories" which shows that there are some out there that simply have lost their freaking minds.

Protein wisdom is also keeping track of the conspiracy theorists.... HEYYYYYYYY, maybe Elvis did this to Johnson...yeah, thats the ticket, Elvis and the little grey men from area 51 conspired....there we go...all explained.