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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Victory Over Defeat and Defeatists

The one thing I will never understand is the political need from the left and Democratic party to see this country defeated. Does it stem from their deep seated hatred of Bush and the republican party or are they incapable of seeing the United States of America win the war on terror?

There can be no political solution in Iraq until there is stability in the country, this is a fact.

Weekly Standard has written an excellent piece about this very subject, making it clear that despite the defeatists attitude of those on the left, despite the media bias from the major MSM establishment, our President (and for those of you that don't like him... he was voted in TWICE, he IS our president whether you like it or not) is not prepared to tuck America's tail between our legs and run as fast as possible because the fight is tough. Good for him!!!

Last Monday Bush was, at last, briefed on an actual plan for victory in Iraq, one that is likely to be implemented. Retired General Jack Keane, the former vice chief of staff of the Army, gave him a thumbnail sketch of it during a meeting of five outside experts at the White House. The president's reaction, according to a senior adviser, was "very positive." Authored by Keane and military expert Frederick W. Kagan of the American Enterprise Institute, the plan (which can be read at is well thought-out and detailed, but fundamentally quite simple. It is based on the idea--all but indisputable at this point--that no political solution is possible in Iraq until security is established, starting in Baghdad. The reverse--a bid to forge reconciliation between majority Shia and minority Sunni--is a nonstarter in a political environment drenched in the blood of sectarian killings.

A plan for success, a dirty word to the far left and most of the Democratic party, but the only was to assure that Iraq does not become a haven for terrorists such as al-Qaeda. Many will not like it, mostly because it makes their head explode when the option of victory and Bush is mentioned in the same breath, but we are a strong country, we are not as weak as the the left would like us to be.

For that I thank Bush. For not knuckling under to the absurd suggestions of the ISG, for not making the deaths of our fine soldiers be wasted as they would be if the attitude of defeat had bled through into Bush's philosophy.

Many will lose what little mind they have left stomping their feet and screaming and making snide comments in the comment section, but let me first say this to those people... SCREW YOU.

We are NOT a nation of cowards and we will not BE a nation of cowards just because you sit on your asses and watch CNN and think you know more than what the military commanders say....which is that although things are bad...WE CAN WIN.

Either stand behind OUR president and our military or sit down, shut the hell up and stay out of the way, because some of us STILL believe that we can win the war on terror. Some of us still understand that after 9/11 we cannot sit on our hands and simply wait for it to happen again and again and again.

Some of us still wish to live a life where we are not scared of the next terrorists attack.

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