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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

South Dakota Senator Has Possible Stroke

[UPDATE] 12/14/06- Dec. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Senator Tim Johnson underwent ``successful'' surgery to relieve bleeding in his brain and treat a congenital malformation of his arteries, his doctor said. Control of the new U.S. Senate may depend on Johnson's health.

Johnson, 59, is recovering ``without complication'' and it is too early to determine if he will need further surgery, Admiral John Eisold, the attending physician of the U.S. Capitol, said in a statement.

`Senator Tim Johnson was found to have had an intracerebral bleed caused by a congenital arteriovenous malformation,'' the statement said. ``He underwent successful surgery to evacuate the blood and stabilize the malformation.'' [end update]

The news is that South Dakota's Senator, Tim Johnson has had a possible stroke. I repeat, there is no official statements and he is still being evaluated by a stroke team. No one knows if it was a stroke OR if it was, how bad it is.

Best wishes to Senator Johnson and his family.

Still, the news, of course, has made the political possibilities known. A little soon for my taste, but news is news, I guess.

According to MSNBC:

Sen. Tim Johnson, D-S. D., has been hospitalized with symptoms described as stroke-like. The seriousness of his illness has not been disclosed.

In addition to concern about Johnson's immediate health, his illness draws political concern in that the Democrats currently hold a 51-49 advantage in seats, giving them control of the Senate.

The governor of South Dakota is Republican Mike Rounds. Should there be a vacancy as a consequence of Johnson's illness and Rounds appoints a Republican to fill the term, that would make the count 50 Demorats and 50 Republicans. Under the rules of the Senate, ties votes are settled by the vote of the vice president - currently Republican Dick Cheney - effectively giving control of the Senate to the Republicans.

I will update as the news comes out.

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