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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Finally a Liberal SAYS what we all knew

In response to my posts "
The Military Does Not Focus on Retreat" and "The Military Does Not Focus on Retreat Part #2" a liberal that comments here often FINALLY said what we all knew but the liberals all denied.

I don't care what the soldiers think, they work for us.
Aside from the human toll don't forget this war is costing us billions.
The liberals do not CARE about the soldiers at all, not what they think, not their knowledge of the enemy, they simply don't CARE unless it matches their world views and what "they" as "experts" have had shoved down their throats as "news.

Finally, a liberal said it...THEY DON'T CARE WHAT THE SOLDIERS THINK.

The men and women that FIGHT and give their lives for these ingrates "right" not give a damn about the the thoughts of the people that die for them.

Greg finally admitted to what I have been telling you all along. The libs don't give a shit about our soldiers words.

All they care about is "getting their own way". Like spoiled little children.

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