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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Generals State that More Troops are Needed

The other day I posted about the Boots on the Ground in Iraq and what they were saying which was in direct contrast to what Wapo was writing about the very same day. I pointed out where the Joint Chiefs were not in opposition of more troops in Iraq, they were saying if we surged we needed a clear cut mission and a plan to back up the troop surge.

Well, today LA Times comes out with an article saying that the Generals are, indeed, saying there is a need for more troops in Iraq and in another article, Gates is saying that the Generals, the military and the Iraqi Politicians and Iraqi Military, DO already have some concrete plans in mind, and putting flesh on those bones is exactly what General Casey and his team and the Iraqis will be doing in the days ahead,” Mr. Gates said, according to Reuters.

But the recommendation by commanders in Iraq is significant because Bush has placed prime importance on their advice. The U.S. command in Iraq decided to recommend an increase of troops several days ago, prior to meetings in Baghdad this week with Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, the defense official said.

Gates, who returned to Washington on Friday, will join Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley in meetings with President Bush today at Camp David. White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said the meeting was part of the Iraq strategy review, and Bush was not expected to make a final decision on the administration's new policy.

Now for those of us that has often said Bush needs to listen to his military, those that are IN Iraq, those that are in the line of fire every day, those that see the progress, the successes AND the failures, this is the time for truth. Who better to speak to the conditions on the ground? The Military or those that watch what the media allows us to see? The men and women fighting over in Iraq, or the politicians who wish to look good according to what the latest polls tell them?

The answer seems clear, but you would be amazed at how many who have never been to Iraq, and those that have but have never left the "green zone" would think they know more than the soldiers and military.

From the New York Times article:

Mr. Gates sought to summarize his findings in hopeful but sober terms.

“This is a very difficult situation but I believe, based on what I’ve heard both from the American commanders and the Iraqis, that things are moving in a positive direction,” he said. “But it’s still going to be a long haul.”

No one said this was going to be easy, no one said that it was going to be pretty and this is not a case where anyone can really say "Things aren't going my way so I am going to take my toys and go home". It isn't a game, it isn't a popularity contest and it certainly isn't a position we can give ground on. This is a war against terror and we have but two choices.... Win or Lose.

Now it is time to decide which choice you wish to stand behind. My choice is made, I wish to win.

I wish to have my son and my future grandchildren grow up in a world where they do not have to constantly look over their shoulders, build bomb shelters and wait for the next attack.

I will repeat what I said in my previous piece:

The need to succeed.... something that many forget. Failure is unacceptable because it will lead us to a far worse situation in a few years and to those that disagree, just look at Lebanon, Iran and Syria. Look to Ahmadinejad's words about Israel, the US and the UK disappearing from the world.

For those that cannot see beyond Iraq, open your eyes, Iraq is simply one front in a larger war.

Jules Crittenden with "Surge" where he points out that sooner or later this becomes black and white.

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