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Friday, December 15, 2006

Good News From Iraq Part #19

In following with Wake up America's tradition of showing the good news coming out of Iraq, the news your media outlets refuse to show you even though they have the same, if not more, access to.

12/14/06- BAGHDAD – Sixteen suspected terrorists were captured by Coalition Forces over the last four days near Baghdad and Fallujah.

Acting on information provided by Coalition Fusion Cells strategically located throughout Iraq, Coalition Forces were able to conduct six successful missions over a three-day period targeting al-Qaida terrorist networks and extremist groups.

Among those captured are a known improvised explosive device maker and an al-Qaida kidnapping cell leader. The captured al-Qaida terrorist is also suspected to be responsible for killing individuals in the Adhamiyah area in Northeast Baghdad.

During one of the missions, ground forces recovered several cell phone devices used to detonate IEDs, an AK-47 with four magazines and two hand grenades.

The success of these missions to rid Iraq of al-Qaida and extremist groups was made possible because of the collective intelligence efforts of the fusion cell and the Coalition Forces who put their lives on the line every day to provide a safe, terrorist-free life for the Iraqi people.

Release here.

12/14/06- CAMP FALLUJAH, Iraq – Coalition Forces used a precision guided munition to destroy a building from which insurgents used to fight Wednesday in Ramadi.

Coalition Forces were attacked by small arms fire from insurgents in a building and returned fire. When the attack did not cease, Coalition Forces used a precision guided munition to destroy the building. Two insurgents were killed.

There were no reports of civilian casualties and no Coalition casualties.

Release here.

12/15/06- BAGHDAD – Special Iraqi Army Forces, with coalition advisors, captured an illegal armed group member during operations Dec. 13 in Baghdad, who is responsible for emplacing improvised explosive devices and manufacturing car bombs to specifically injure and kill Iraqi civilians and Iraqi Army forces.

The illegal armed group member is responsible for the abduction of an Iraqi soldier he held ransom until the soldier’s family paid for his release. The illegal armed group is involved in the abduction and murdering of other Iraqi security forces and Iraqi civilians in Baghdad.

Iraqi forces detained two additional suspects during operations who said a machine gun was located on the roof of a nearby mosque in the Abu Ghuraib area. Iraq security forces entered the mosque and confiscated the weapon. Five automatic assault rifles and a hand gun were also confiscated by Iraqi forces during operations.

There was minimal damage done to the objective. There were no Iraqi civilian, Iraqi forces or Coalition Forces casualties.

Release here.

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Operation Iraqi Freedom also has more news of what is actually happening in Iraq, more news you won't see on CNN or any MSM news outlet.

For example, have you seen THIS on any of your news shows or in any of the major papers?

12/15/06-BAQUBAH — The Iraqi Army led a successful offensive operation here recently, capturing 10 suspected insurgents and rescuing a kidnapped 16-year-old Iraqi boy being held for a $150,000 ransom.

Iraqi Soldiers from 5th Iraqi Army conducted searches, while the U.S. Army’s 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, from Fort Hood, Texas, cordoned off several neighborhoods.

Maj. Kalil Malek Ahmad, commander, 4th Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 5th Iraqi Army, said his Soldiers identified insurgents with the help of intelligence sources.

Lt. Col. Morris Goins, commander, 3rd Brigade’s 1-12 Combined Arms Battalion, which provided the cordon for the search, said the operation gave the Iraqi Army an opportunity to demonstrate it’s capability to play a primary role in military operations.

“Iraq is a sovereign nation. They have an Iraqi Police department. They have an Iraqi Army,” said Goins, a native of Southern Pines, N.C. “It’s important for them to conduct these operations. They are in the lead and we assist when needed.”

This most recent search for insurgents, which is part of a larger effort, “will help local residents by driving a wedge between the Iraqi people and al Qaeda,” said Goins.

Al Qaeda operatives are attempting to disrupt Coalition Forces and have threatened local residents in the neighborhoods of Khatoon and Mufrek, he said.

Capt. Scott Steele from the U.S. Army’s military training team in Baqubah, and native of Faripault, Minn., said it is important for the Iraqi Army to lead such operations in anticipation of full autonomy.

“If the Iraqis take over, the United States can leave,” he said. “We’re just helping them along so that they can secure their own country by themselves.”

Goins said his unit was presented with some challenges while working with the Iraqis, such as language barriers and differences in communications platforms, but those obstacles were overcome with prior coordination.

“As with any brand new government, you have challenges,” said Goins. “People often think the United States was born yesterday. It’ll take a little while. There’s a lot of promise here. The work is hard but it’s good.”

If you haven't seen these things yet, ask yourself why? Why is the good news being hidden from you? Do you even care that you are not being told the whole story?

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