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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Blogger in Beta and Haloscan

Deviating here from my normal type of subject matter because yesterday AFTER being migrated to the beta version of blogger, I discovered that getting my haloscan comments and trackbacks to work was going to be a problem. One that took ALL day to fix. So, for those that have been emailing and commenting that have not been able to get it running, this is for you.

First, the Logical Philosopher did an excellent job in giving step by step instructions, but there are a few more steps to get it working.

For step one to work, go to you "template", then click the HTML tab, then check the little box that says "expand widgets", that is what is meant by turn on widgets.

Then before going to step two, please open your notepad or wordpad and copy the full html code and paste it to notepad.... two reasons for this. #1. to have a backup in case something goes wrong, and #2. because to find the parts of the code that you need to delete and the exact place to add the haloscan code, it is easier to find by going to the notepad, hitting edit, going to "find" and typing in what youu are looking for....MUCH easier.

Now go follow the instructions at Logical Philosopher, including the steps he adds into his updates.

When you are done with that, the last steps to make it work without having haloscan comments and blogger comments on your permalink page, is deleting certain codes above and below the second h4.

The code above that needs to be deleted (and saved to notepad in case you want it back in the future) starts with--

b:if cond='data:post.numComments == 1' and ends with data:post.numComments/ data:commentLabelPlural b:if ---

The code below the h4 that needs to be removed (again, saving to notepad in case of future need) starts with ---

dl id='comments-block and ends with data:postCommentMsg

For my template it was over 30 lines that need to be removed.

Because it is code and hard to insert into a post here, if you need help knowing what to delete and exactly where it is.... please feel free to email me at and I will happily send you the notepad file I saved with my deleted codes to better help you find it in your code.

Good luck and don't give up, Haloscan DOES work in blogger beta, you just have to have the patience to tweak your code a bit.