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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Double Standards

I'm often amazed at how liberals apply double standards to things. It's an amazing thing to watch and to hear the bull that rolls off their tongues with utter conviction that they're right.

Prime example: how many liberals out there are in favor of the opression of women? The subjegation of women to a lesser role and status in the culture? Can anyone take a head count, please? None? I didn't think so.

So why do they want to cut and run from the fight in Afghanistan and Iraq when news stories such as this come out? Do they not want the little girls of the middle east to have an education? Do they want to prolong the subjegation and persecution of women in the middle east? And given the "mission" of Islam to spread throughout the world, and the militant attitudes of the jihadist extremists, is this what they want for the little girls of the middle east? Is this what they want for the little girls of the USA? What happened to "take your daughter to work day?"

I would love to hear from some liberals on this one, but I'm betting than other than a few trolls out there looking for nothing but a fight (which they won't get, I want discussion, not jabbing, blocking, and feigning) that there won't be any liberals with the GUTS to step up to the plate and defend their position.

Truth be told, there is no defense...

Once and always, an American Fighting Man

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