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Friday, October 21, 2022

As CDC Mandates 'Death Shot' For Our Children, The Hegelian Dialectic Is Fully At Play - COVID Was Unleashed, The Masses Demanded A 'Solution,' The Genocide Weapon Was Ready To Go

October 21, 2022 

 As CDC Mandates 'Death Shot' For Our Children, The Hegelian Dialectic Is Fully At Play - COVID Was Unleashed, The Masses Demanded A 'Solution,' The Genocide Weapon Was Ready To Go

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With a CDC panel unanimously voting this past Wednesday to add the Covid-19 vaccine to the recommended childhood schedule of shots to be forced upon American children, despite all the proven deaths and injuries now being tied to 'the vax' seen in autopsy reports as Dr. Joel S. Hirschhorn had pointed out in this ANP story, take note that this 'death shot' is being forced upon our children as new reports emerge confirming that COVID itself was created in a lab, meaning we've got more proof we're witnessing the Hegelian dialectic at play: The globalists create the problem which demanded a 'reaction' from the public, the 'solution' ready to be rushed out, the depopulation weapon.

As Infowars reports in this new story titled "COVID-19 Virus Has a Telltale “Fingerprint” That Makes it Highly Likely to Have Come From a Lab, Study Finds," what is likely the 'smoking gun' evidence COVID was man-made has emerged, with this coming at a time when Boston University researchers insanely just weaponized a COVID virus with an 80% kill rate in mice, hinting at a '12 Monkeys scenario,' if the WORST-CASE SCENARIO, is unleashed upon us in the coming days. From Infowars:

The COVID-19 coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has a telltale “fingerprint” that means it is highly likely to have been made in a lab, new research has found. 

Mathematical biologist Dr. Alex Washburne and colleagues Valentin Brutte and Antonius VanDongen published their research in a preprint that finds “a high likelihood that SARS-CoV-2 may have originated as an infectious clone assembled in vitro”. 

They explain this evidence, which they term an “endonuclease fingerprint”, is independent of the evidence relating to the Furin Cleavage Site, which others have suggested is a ‘smoking gun’ for a lab origin.

And while that story specifically states that Dr. Washburne stresses that he is not alleging malign intent or even gain-of-function work in this paper, writing “We find no evidence of SARS-CoV-2 being a bioweapon (on the contrary, this looks like an accident) or any gain of function work. We find evidence suggesting SARS-CoV-2 may have been synthesised in the lab with known methods, probably for normal pre-Covid research purposes,” his findings nevertheless confirm the man-made fingerprint to the virus used to lock-down America and allow massive mail-in voting fraud in the 2020 election.

With the globalists also using the virus to impose medical tyranny upon the masses, with that new story coming out of Boston proving most Americans don't know what's happening in their own cities, quite literally 'Nazi-death science' according to bioweapons expert Dr. Francis Boyle, as Steve Quayle mentioned in an SQnote while linking to this recent North Carolina Renegades story titled "CDC: Just Another Terrorist Organization," not only is the CDC becoming the 'Center for Disease Creation' but 'Children's Death Central' as well in his opinion. 

So as we'll explore in the next section of this story below, with brand new proof coming to us from The Defender that the Biden cabal is getting heavily into OFFENSIVE bioweapons in the present and into the future, more proof 'We the American people' are being lied to by our government, will we EVER get the truth about COVID, especially how it was used to lock down America and steal the 2020 election, when we now have proof that the same folks who did it back then are getting ready to get even more heavily into this kind of warfare? No doubt they'll keep lying to us till long after we're dead and gone. 

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According to this new story over at The Defender: Children's Health Defense News & Views, Joe Biden's White House has just launched a new $88 billion National Biodefense Strategy that according to Bioweapons expert Francis Boyle, J.D., Ph.D., signals the U.S. is expanding its biological warfare industry “for the purpose of waging biological warfare.”

With this story at The Defender coming out just days after the Daily Mail put out the bombshell Boston University story about their COVID weaponization program paid for by the American taxpayer, a program with a Deagel-like kill rate of 80%, what are Americans to think when we see so soon afterwards, the Biden-cabal showing their intentions to get even more heavily into what Dr. Boyle has quite literally called 'death science?

Just another reason why I'll never trust another one of the 'concoctions' they invent and then try to force upon the masses, while I was some time ago asked why I was an 'anti-vaxxer,' the answer was easy.

As a young child getting the series of shots that were mandatory back then in the early 1970's, I had a very bad reaction to one of them which temporarily, partially paralyzed me, making it so I was unable to walk for a period of time. And while I was, thankfully, able to regain that ability, my mother and I both remember what happened the very next time I went into 'Dr. Kwok's office' for my shots.

While I was still a young kid, I can't remember exactly how old, I learned then and there that day that I could fight like a little wild man, kicking and punching and fighting back against those nurses and Dr. Kwok so hard that day that not only did they never get the injections in me then, they never did again. 

And ever since then, after being temporarily and partially paralyzed by something they injected into me, I'd completely lost trust in what I saw as 'the establishment,' a belief that exploded over the years as I learned of all the many different scenarios where 'government' carried out 'medical experiments' upon unknowing people, often with deadly results, and the countless different scenarios over the years where that same 'government' has bluntly lied to our faces. 

So I quite literally learned at a very young age that being 'anti-vax' was nothing less than a very real 'survival technique' for me, and NOTHING that has happened 'during COVID' has changed my mind. 

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While we here at ANP had touched briefly upon an alarming string of deaths among young Canadian doctors prompting calls in Canada to end the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, we'll be exploring that story a little more here with one Canadian Doctor demanding an investigation into the skyrocketing death rate among fully vaccinated Canadian doctors.

As Natural News had reported in this October 20th story, at least 80 young doctors in Canada have died since the rollout of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine and the implementation of the country’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. These deaths have spurred concerned physicians to call for an end to the mandates.

Going on then to put some names on some of those young and previously healthy doctors who had suddenly and mysteriously died, as that story reported, some of the most recent deaths of Canadian doctors include seven physicians who died between August to September

They were Dr. Vincent Chi Wai Mak, a rheumatologist from Markham, Ontario; Dr. Patricia Kresan, a family physician from Barrie, Ontario; Dr. Patricia Harvey, an ophthalmologist from Hamilton, Ontario; Dr. Maria Chang, a family physician from Toronto; Dr. Carl-Eric Gagne, a cardiologist from Trois-Rivieres, Quebec; Dr. Matthew Foss, an anesthesiology resident from Hamilton; and Dr. Michael Marshall, a psychiatrist from Edmonton, Alberta. 

And while we've seen over and over and over again that the hospitals and healthcare systems and dozens of other Canadian physicians have all insisted time and again that these deaths have nothing to do with the COVID-19 vaccines and boosters that they, with support from Canadian federal and state authorities, were forced to take, as Dr. Joel Hirschhorn had pointed out in this new ANP story, death autopsies are proving COVID vax causality all across the US and world, when govt allows the results out. From this 2nd Natural News story.: 

A doctor in Canada is calling for the country’s leading medical association to open an investigation into the sudden rise in mortality among young, fully vaccinated doctors after the implementation of mandated vaccinations for medical personnel. 

Dr. William Makis recently wrote an open letter to the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) requesting that the group look into the sudden rise in mortality among Canadian medical professionals following the implementation of the country’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for people working in healthcare. 

Makis is a nuclear medicine physician and a noted cancer researcher. He has worked with multiple cancer research centers and has authored over 100 peer-reviewed articles in multiple medical journals. He also called for Canada to end all COVID-19 vaccine mandates, especially for people working in healthcare. 

In the letter, specifically addressed to CMA Presidents Dr. Katharine Smart and Dr. Alika Lafontaine, Makis pointed out that his analysis showed skyrocketing death rates for young Canadian doctors. 

“Our analysis shows Canadian doctor deaths under age 50 in 2022 will be two-fold higher compared to 2019 to 2020,” he wrote. “Shockingly, doctor deaths under age 40 are five-fold higher, and doctor deaths under age 30 are eight-fold higher.” 

Makis pointed out that the CMA just finished a conference focused on the health of Canada’s physicians. CMA leaders discuss many topics. But “the one topic they didn’t discuss: young Canadian doctors dying suddenly and unexpectedly after COVID vaccine rollout,” said Makis.

So with the very real chance that none of these young Canadian doctors would be dead if not for the rollout of the vax due to the 'Hegelian Dialectic' that was most definitely at play and used by the globalists as they forced the masses to inject something that they may not have had not for the mandates, and 'the political and medical establishments' weaponizing their 'COVID response' seemingly every step of the way towards tyranny from the beginning to this day, each of the videos below take a look at the topics discussed in this story.

From the 1st video below looking at the outright 'child genocide' the CDC and US govt agencies are now taking part in by forcing the clot shot on America's children to the 2nd video that looks at Boston U's COVID experiment. And in the final video below we see a series of performers and athletes falling ill, some dying on stage, following the rollout of the 'kill shot' that the CDC has just mandated for America's children, what can only be another HUGE step in the globalists depopulation agenda. 

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