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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Appeal Dismissed: Saddam to Hang.

Saddam Hussein's appeal against his death sentence was dismissed Tuesday. (Hat Tip to The Hill Chronicles)

According to Iraqi law, the death sentence must now be carried out within 30 days.

At a packed press conference in Baghdad a spokesman for the court ruled out any prospect of the sentence being delayed. "Article 27 of the Criminal Code says the sentence has to be carried out. No other party has the authority to intervene or abolish the court ruling," he said.

Asked about the date of execution the spokesman said it would be up to the Executive Authority, but would be within 30 days from Wednesday. "The text is clear," the spokesman said. "The Executive Authority can choose any day after tomorrow as long as it is in the next 30 days."

"Our role has ended, it is now up to the Executive Authority to choose a date," added the court spokesman.

With this momentous occasion, Saddam finally being brought to full justice for the atrocities he committed against his own countrymen, the AP, in its typical biased form choose to instead report aboout their own momentous "milestone", making comparisons about two events that have nothing in common!!!! Way to go AP!!!!

Then the AFP mentions Saddams Appeal news, but of course they also mention it in passing because they are too busy announcing this important "milestone" that the AP seems to have been waiting for.

How DARE the news about Saddams appeal dismissal get in the way of their BIG story!!!!!!!!!

How backwards are these people?


Gateway Pundit put it quite nicely:

Well, after:

* The fall of Saddam's tyranny
* The liberation of Iraqis from Saddam's evil and genocide
* The death of his two evil sons
* The capture of the Butcher of Baghdad from a spiderhole in the ground
* Numerous democratic elections
* The forming of a democratic government
* The trial of Saddam Hussein
* The death sentence of Saddam Hussein
* The handing over of decision-making to the Iraqi government
* Several milestones in security operations
* The death of thousands of terrorists
* Three of 18 provinces taking over responsibility of security operations
* The rebuilding of infrastructure
* The prosecution of the UN Oil for Food Scandal
* The lawsuits against Oil for Food firms for their pilfering from the Iraqi people...

(Not to mention the liberation of Afghanistan!)

The US has now lost more soldiers in Iraq in three and a half years than in three hours on September 11, 2001.

Well said.

Macsmind points out that the AP never once makes comparisons about the amounts of deaths from other wars and conflicts and the deaths from Iraq, because the numbers are SO much lower in Iraq than other conflicts we have been involved in, to report those facts would not fit into the AP's political agenda, now would it?

Of course coming from writer Christopher Torchia, a DNC op who freelances for the AP, this isn’t as much a news story as it is a DNC press release.

Still it shows you that to the America hating left pissing on the graves of those who perished in 9/11 is small compared to making their stupid assumptions about the war on terror (assumptions that brought us the attacks on 9/11 in the first place).

Fact is that the stupidity of this PR is breathtaking. One number has absolutely nothing to do with the other. In fact the numbers game is totally stupid in the first place because in the history of warfare, where another country was toppled has there been less death. Note the AP never produces enemy body counts - which according to CENTCOM number in the tens of throusands, thus the war is WORKING as bad guys are getting their due.

Not that it matters to the AP (who doesn’t even want to refer to terrorists as who they are), because even if we are winning (which we are), we are losing and will lose according to them.

Did the AP make similar comparisons when the deaths in WWII exceed those at Pearl Harbor? Of course not! Not with the vaunted and over-rated FDR at the helm, but that’s what you expect from the Pravda of the Democratic Party.

Again, Macsmind makes an excellent point.

Other news from Iraq from the Telegraph:

British forces raided the headquarters of a rogue police unit in Basra on Christmas morning to free prisoners who were about to be executed.

Many of the 127 captives were found in a cramped and squalid cell at the headquarters of the serious crimes unit and showed signs of torture, officers said.

After the raid by 1,000 British and Iraqi troops, Royal Engineers laid charges and blew up the two-storey concrete building, known locally as the "station of death."

I haven't seen the AP reporting on this yet.

Captain's Quarters has more on the British Forces raid.

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