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Thursday, December 14, 2006

"The time has come" the Blind Shiek said, "to talk of other things..."

OK (and yes my speech teachers from both high school AND college would CRINGE at me beginning with "OK" but OK...) the Blind Sheik has SPOKEN, by Jiminy, and boy what he said.

"My Brothers...If they [the Americans] kill me, which they will certainly do – hold my funeral and send my corpse to my family, but do not let my blood be shed in vain. Rather, extract the most violent revenge, and remember your brother who spoke the truth and died for the will of God...The Mujahid Sheikh Omar Abdel al Rahman. In the name of God the kind and merciful."

Now here's the rub. We're supposedly "killing" this guy, right?

Omar Abdel-Rahman, convicted in 1996 of conspiring to blow up New York City landmarks, has long suffered from diabetes and heart ailments and has spent much of his imprisonment at the Springfield Medical Center for federal prisoners.

Full story here.

We are killing him with DOCTORS and NURSES. We want him dead so badly that we're treating his ailments. We want him dead so badly that we're not leaving him to suffer in a cell without treatment. But I want you to take a look at the hatred that they show for us EVEN when we make sure that they have medical treatment (mind you, yes, I realize the sonofabitch is in prison, but that is beside the point. We're providing him with medical care). I understand someone who is being, say, beheaded, for example, calling upon his nation to avenge him. That's perfectly understandable.

Wait. Who beheads people again? Oh yeah, the terrorists, that's right. That's after the beatings and such, where I'm sure that they make sure that doctors are present afterwards to treat their prisoners wounds...

You know, these people scream and cry about honor and righteousness and whatnot. I say they're full of it. If they want to follow the example of a Muslim warrior who WAS a man of honor, they need to look to the example of Saladin, the Sultan of Egypt. Now there was a Muslim Warrior I have to say that even I respect. The man was a man of honor. There is not ONE among these modern Jihadists who is worthy to even utter the man's name from their lips.

Saladin, by the way, was a Kurd. Let me think, who are the people Saddam Hussein was executing in droves in Iraq?

Says a hell of a lot in my book. And yes, Chivalry, Valor and Honor are still traits alive and well in some of us today, they are NOT dead.

Personally, I hope the Sheik survives this latest health ailment. I personally believe that he has more suffering to do in jail here in this life before going on to the next. I also think he's going to be in for a BIG surprise when he crosses over to the other side. The desert ain't the only place that's hot, baby...

Once and always, an American Fighting Man

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