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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Islamic Jihadists Retreat

The New York Times reports that Islamist forces in Somalia beat a hasty retreat today to their stronghold in Mogadishu, Somalia’s battle-scared capital, crumbling faster than anyone expected after a week of attacks by Ethiopian forces.

Pointing out one area of this article:

Patrick Mazimhaka, a high-ranking African Union official, told the BBC that Ethiopia was within its rights to strike.

It is up to every country to judge the measure of the threat to its own sovereignty,” Mr. Mazimhaka said. American officials have given Ethiopia, one of their closest allies in Africa, tacit approval to stamp out the Islamists, who American intelligence agents have accused of sheltering Al Qaeda terrorists.

Let us hope that the same thought process will apply when Israel strikes Iran for the exact same protect its own sovereignty.

Then again, how often do the same rules apply to Israel as they do to everyone else? Israel would be charged with "disproportionate force" if they did the same thing, but that is a topic for another post.

There are more than 100 American soldiers in Ethiopia helping train Ethiopia troops. But Major Thibodeau said “Officially, we haven’t put anybody in Somalia. The Americans don’t go forward with the Ethiopians. They are training Ethiopians in Ethiopia.”

Then we have this lunacy written by the International Herald Tribune Opinion section, where the US is held responsible for Ethiopia's justifiable attack on Somalia...yeah, just blame the Americans, because after all we do have 100 soldiers in Ethiopia training the, 100 whole soldiers. So , of COURSE, it is America's fault and some kind of US proxy war. Then again, it figures that the author of such tripe would be a former spokesperson for the UN mission in Iraq in 2003..... figures, like I said.

It is about time that Islamic extremists are confronted when they make threats such as this:

On Saturday, after several days of heavy internal fighting, Islamist leaders announced that Somalia was now open to Muslim fighters around the world who wanted to wage a holy war against Ethiopia, a country with a long Christian history, even though it is about half Muslim.

“What did you expect us to do?” said Zemedkun Tekle, a spokesman for Ethiopia’s information ministry. “Wait for them to attack our cities?”

He is right, when a jihadist threatens you, you confront them, you do NOT wait until they attack your cities, you do not doubt that they will follow through with their threats, you take them seriously and you act immediately.

It is a lesson for us all, but I have no doubt that quite a few people will learn nothing from it.

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