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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Chavez Won?

[UPDATE] Rosales Concedes.

Instapundit, reports are that Chavez is behind and officials identifying themselves as members of a state regulatory agency forced the U.S.-based Spanish-language TV network Telemundo to halt transmission Sunday of its presidential election coverage.

There are vast diffrence in reports around the web, CNN is saying that Chavez is ahead, yet Publios has pictures and a conflicting report.

Venezuelans went to the polls today to decide who their new president would be. The polls are closed, except that the army is said to be re-opening some by force, to bus in Chavista voters from the hillside slums. One exit poll, from a government-linked polling firms, the San Francisco Bay Area leftist one called Evans-McDonough, is dutifully leaking out, saying Chavez easily leads, 58%-40%. Release of those polls is illegal, and Reuters makes the absurd claim that it’s only repeating them as gospel for publication outside Venezuela. Guess what, Reuters, I got news for you: The Internet is entirely accessible from Venezuela. When you publish this, you are knowingly publishing inside Venezuela in an effort to slant the story the Chavista way. Don’t worry, though: You’ll never be prosecuted for doing the critical spin-control that Chavez wants.

So the polls are closed but the army is re-opening some by force? Sounds like Chavez is trying to pull a fast one.

Exit polls from insiders - I just talked to one who’s not connected with anyone else I know - say that Rosales is significantly ahead in the election, by about 10 percentage points and is likely to wrap up the race between 2 and 4 percentage points ahead. There are long faces on the expressions of the military, for what it is worth. What the real result will be, and more important, how Chavez will announce it, will determine the outcome of this race. That said, the exit polls do suggest good news. Could Venezuela really be nearing the end of an era? It’s like a mirage in the desert. But I hope it’s reality.

VenezuelaToday is announcing that CNE says Chavez won, but after resorting to blantant and "documented" shennanigans.

This blog from Venezuala says both sides are celebrating, Gateway Pundit says Chavez did win.

I guess we will see if Chavez won or if Chavez cheated his way into six more years. AFP is also reporting.