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Monday, June 04, 2012

Wisconsin Recall Update: Walker Ahead By 6+ and More

By Susan Duclos

[Final Update- June 6, 2012] Video- Governor Scott Walker's Recall Victory Speech and analysis, reactions from around the web.

[Update- June 5, 2012] Recall Election Day, all day updates HERE.]

Wisconsin's recall election is tomorrow, Tuesday, June 5, 2012 and last minute poll averages have Governor Scott Walker up by over 6 percentage points with the only poll listed over at RCP with anything less than a 5 point Walker lead is from PPP, a Democratic leaning polling service which has Walker over Tom Barrett by only 3.

Intrade has Walker with a 93 percent chance of winning. (It was 92.6 chance of winning when I started this very short post) -Note- Intrade number changing constantly as it bounces back and forth, but mostly staying over 91 percent.

Last but not least, Democratic Governor Rendell now says recalling Walker was a mistake.