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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Did The New York Times Change Their Headline And Article Wording To Protect Obama On Amnesty Decision?

By susan Duclos

[Update] Reminder of the Republicans' messaging on Obama's amnesty decision:

It would be nice if the president was as concerned about the 23 million Americans looking for work in America as he is about the 12 million undocumented individuals the president claims are looking for work in America," Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas) added.

While writing the previous piece I ran across a New York Times article which had a changed headline after publishing and changed content within the article and it made me question whether those changes were made to protect Barack Obama after his controversial decision to grant amnesty to 800,000 illegal immigrants and offer them indefinite work permits here in the United States.

Original Headline from New York Times, dated June 18, 2012:  Many American Workers are Underemployed And Underpaid". NYT changed that headline to "Lost in Recession, Toll on Underemployed and Underpaid."

URL shows the original headline:

Not only did the NYT change the headline but a screen shot of the yahoo search result shows they also changed the wording within the article:

Now it says:

But many middle-class and working-class people who are fortunate enough to have work are struggling as well......

Strange that they took out the words "American Workers" from their headlines and "Americans" from the original written article? Yes or no?

NYT article link here.

Are the New York Times' editors attempting to hide the fact that Obama's amnesty decision will take jobs from American workers and give them to illegal immigrants?