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Friday, June 15, 2012

Obama Bypasses Congress To Give Amnesty To 800,000 Illegal Immigrants

By Susan Duclos

On vacation which is why I haven't been posting and wonderful others have been helping out but had to post on this. Barack Obama announced his "Catch Release, Vote" amnesty where he will bypass Congress and the laws of the U.S. to give 800,000 illegal immigrants amnesty allowing them stay in the country indefinitely.

When asked by The Daily Caller reporter, Neil Munro, "Why do you favor foreigners over American workers?", a defensive Obama answered that he "didn't ask for an argument." Of course a reporter asking a question is arguing or in the words or Liberals, "heckling" Obama. Representative Steve King has already announced he will be filing a lawsuit against Obama for his attempted end-run around Congress:

Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King said Friday that he plans to sue the Obama administration to halt implementation of its newly announced selective illegal immigration law enforcement policy. He told Mike Huckabee on the former Arkansas governor’s radio program Friday that he successfully sued his own state’s governor — and won — over a similar separation-of-powers issue.  
“I will tell you that — I’m not without experience on this — I’m prepared to bring a suit and seek a court order to stop implementation of this policy,” King said 
“I have done it once in the past successfully when then-Governor Tom Vilsack thought he could legislate by executive order — and the case of King vs. Vilsack is in the books. And that individual, by the way, is now the Secretary of Agriculture. I wonder if he’s not counseling the president on his legal proceedings.”  
Huckabee followed up, asking King: “You plan to sue this administration for implementing something that you believe should have required legislative process and approval?”  
“That is correct,” King replied