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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Note To Dem Representative Xavier Becerra: Supremes Are Lifers To Prevent Influence You Moron

By Susan Duclos

Democrats are losing their ever lovin minds over the much anticipated Obamacare aka Affordable Care Act ruling expected tomorrow.

Via The Hill:

"We'll find out this week if the Supreme Court is listening to the American people and following the U.S. Constitution," said Rep. Xavier Becerra (Calif.), vice chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, "or if it's becoming more and more what we've seen in the past: a partisan body no different from the Congress."

The ruling, Becerra added, will reveal "whether there are nine people in the Supreme Court who are going to try to do the bidding of special interests or who are actually listening to the needs of the American people guided by the Constitution of the United States."

That is one of the most ridiculous statements made to date.

First: Public opinion- In every poll to date shows the majority or plurality of Americans want some or all of Obamacare to be struck down (68 percent in the CBS News/NewYork Times poll). A small minority wants the health care law to stand as is (24 percent in that same poll).

Second: It is the United States Supreme Court that is the final arbiter of whether a law is constitutional or not, not Democrats, not Republicans and not the American people. It is the Supreme Court Justices responsibility to make that final call.  Even then, I refer you to the first point above, follow the damn link to show even IF the Court were to allow public opinion to influence them, it would go against Obamacare.

They have been the final arbiter (power of judicial review) to stop Congress or the Executive Branch from violating the constitution since 1803, Marbury v. Madison.

Third and final point: The reason Supreme Court Justices are given life terms is to insulate them from political pressure from pissants like Representative Xavier Becerra as well as protect them from being pressured or threatened by any President and so they would not be influenced by public opinion either because they are not subject to elections nor reelections.

For attempting to threaten the High Court and for one second thinking that public opinion, or politician's opinions or Barack Obama's opinion should have any influence over wther the individual mandate or the whole law is constitutional, you,  Representative Xavier Becerra, get the HUTA award.