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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Bill Clinton: Dem Political Hero One Day, 'Out Of Control, Mr. Hyde, Obama Political Enemy The Next

By Susan Duclos

I like Bill Clinton.... I disagree with most of his policies, agree with some, but the thing about Bill Clinton that most people like is the same exact thing that he is criticized by liberals about.

Clinton argues policy according to Clinton's principles regardless of whether certain policies are consistent with "Democratic policies" or "Republican' policies'.

He cannot be scripted. He does not follow party line, he creates his own line.

Clinton walks that line consistently and whether you favor his policies or not, you have to respect someone that doesn't agree or disagree with a policy because it is "conservative" or "liberal" but does so because he truly believes it is the right thing to do.

We don't see that much anymore in politics.

That is what makes him Bill Clinton and I cry foul when I see Democratic hardcore liberals praise him one day then call him a traitor the next.

After Bill Clinton visited Wisconsin to campaign for Tom Barrett, liberals were aflutter claiming Clinton "hit a home run" and gave a "strong articulation" of the liberal message. Democrats and the liberal media breathlessly report every policy where Clinton supports Obama then turn around and accuse him of "sabotaging Obama’s strategy," or "playing a devious game" the next.

I can understand Conservatives seeding doubt in the heart of liberals by asking "Is Clinton sabotaging Obama? ",  in politics you take your entertainment when you get it and Liberals do it to Conservatives just as often when they can, but Democrats who ask that question appear to have forgotten that the term "Sister Souljah Moment" was inspired by Bill Clinton.

To Democrats, Bill Clinton is a hero when he says what they want him to say, but Obama's "political enemy", "out of control" and "Mr. Hyde" when he doesn't.

Last week, former President Bill Clinton disavowed a central theme of President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign. Tuesday, he added that a key piece of the White House’s policy agenda doesn’t make much sense to him either.

With friends like this, Obama’s political enemies don’t need to do too much.

In an interview with CNBC that his office was scrambling to clarify Tuesday night, Clinton sided with congressional Republicans over Obama in calling for Congress to temporarily renew the soon-to-expire Bush tax cuts — but he also heaped praise on private equity companies like Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital, pleaded ignorance for his past gaffes and asserted his independence from the Obama campaign message operation.

It was Clinton in full Mr. Hyde mode — in a flashback to the deep and lasting tensions between the Clinton family and the Obama team that still linger from the bitter 2008 primary fight.

It was Roger Simon, writer for Politico that headline with "Bill Clinton Out of Control on 2012."

Well, Clinton has a message for Simon and anyone else that wants to criticize him for not staying on Obama's message:

" Mr. Simon may think I should be an employee of the campaign, but I’m not," Clinton said.


Clinton is no one's lackey, never has been and never will be and if Democrats want to use him to advance certain agendas and tout his support of Obama for 2012, then they need sit down, shut up and maybe listen to him when he doesn't toe the line as avidly as they listen to him and praise him when he does.