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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Videos- Tom Barrett's Recall Concession Speech and Liberal Supporter Slaps Barrett

By Susan Duclos

Governor Scott Walker's Recall Victory Speech can be found HERE.

Below is the video of Tom Barrett, the Democratic challenger in the Wisconsin recall election, and his concession speech.


Unhappy with Barrett issuing his concession speech, one of his supporters, obviously angry, slapped Barrett when he leaned down for a hug.


Politico describes the scene:

Barrett — who didn’t want to talk on camera — told Sater the woman asked him if she could slap him for conceding and he offered to hug her instead.

“He said the woman actually asked him, ‘Can I slap you?’ She was upset about him giving the concession speech while she still felt there were votes to be counted,” Sater said. “He looked at her and said ‘I’d rather you hug me’ so he leaned down thinking that she was going to hug him and she slapped him.”

“That was sort of the end of the little spat they had going there. But the mayor really was just stunned that she’d actually reached up and slapped him. She was just upset — some of the passions of the evening coming out about the results here, the Democrats losing,” Sater added.

The women in the video above was not the only liberal supporter that let anger get the best of them last night as Twitchy first reported and now an investigation is being conducted, liberals lost their minds via social media and started calling for the assassination of Governor Scott Walker.