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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Listen To SWATting 911 Call- Now Report Says 70 House Members Will Call For DOJ Investigation

By Susan Duclos

Via NRO, a video clip of Erick Erickson on CNN discussing the SWATting incident where someone spoofed his home phone number, called police, said  he "shot his wife" and was going to shoot someone else, which brought armed police to Erickson's home while his family was there and children were playing in the yard.

Erick discusses how the SWATting tends to follow those who write about a man named Brett Kimberlin – a fact which does not prove guilt or responsibility, but certainly does seem… curious.

This is known as "SWATting" and it has been happening across the country to Conservative bloggers.

A detailed account from Patrick Frey, a deputy district attorney at Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, who also blogs under the pseudonym Patterico, about his chilling SWATting experience, HERE.

The clip includes portions of the 911 call.


Yesterday we showed two letters from members of Congress, one Senator and one Rep., to Attorney General Eric Holder, demanding an investigation into these dangerous SWATting incidents and today reports say that 70 House members will calling on Obama's Department of Justice to investigate.