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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Justice: Jerry Sandusky Found Guilty Of 45 of 48 Abuse Charges

By Susan Duclos

Jerry Sandusky has been convicted of 45 of the 48 charges brought against him. His crime, sexually abusing 10 boys.

Scared Monkey's shows video of the "Perp Walk", Sandusky being lef back to jail in handcuffs.



Jerry Sandusky, a former Penn State assistant football coach, was convicted Friday of sexually abusing young boys, completing the downfall of a onetime local hero in a scandal that shook a proud Pennsylvania community, a prominent American university and the world of major college football.
A jury in Centre County Court convicted Sandusky, 68, of sexually assaulting 10 boys, all of them children from disadvantaged homes whom Sandusky, using his access to the university’s vaunted football program, had befriended and then repeatedly violated. The jury, seven women and five men, more than half with ties to Penn State, returned a verdict on the second day of deliberation.

Sandusky stood stoically as the jury foreman read off the verdicts on the 48 counts against him. The foreman said guilty 45 times. Many of the charges, which include rape and sodomy, carry significant prison terms, and it seems likely that Sandusky will spend the rest of his life behind bars. Sandusky was taken into custody after the verdicts were read.

The university issued a statement issued after the verdict, which said:

“The legal process has spoken, and we have tremendous respect for the men who came forward to tell their stories publicly. No verdict can undo the pain and suffering caused by Mr. Sandusky, but we do hope this judgment helps the victims and their families along their path to healing.”

CBS News reports that sentencing will be in about three months but even the mandatory minimums will keep Sandusky behind bars for life. CBS News also detail the three acquittals and the more information on the 45 charges Sandusky was convicted of.