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Friday, June 22, 2012

Video- Dead Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry, Parents Accuse White House Lying

By Susan Duclos

These poor people.

Their son, a border patrol agent, is murdered. They then find out that a gun at the scene came from our government's failed "Fast and Furious" operation, where we facilitated putting guns into criminal's hands. Then they watch Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder, lie and refuse to turn over relevant documents to prevent a full Congressional investigation. Top all that off with Barack Obama claiming Executive Privilege to protect Eric Holder and possibly himself, to hide the information Congress issued a subpoena for.

They can't be blamed for speaking out.

Last night on Hannity, Ken and Josephine Terry, the parents of murdered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, had some harsh criticisms for the Obama administration and says they would like to tell them to "get their heads out of their butts."

[WATCH the exchange]


“I think they are hiding something. I think they are lying and they are hiding… big time. Passing the buck,” Ken Terry said on Fox’s “Hannity” on Thursday evening. “I got a gut feeling on that. I just know that they are hiding something big. Something happened out there, and worse than what we know.”

“Eric Holder has been before Congress so many times. And [from] the first couple times you can tell there’s something being hid, and there’s something not being said. After a while you feel like throwing the TV through the front window because you get tired of hearing the constant lies,” said Josephine Terry.


With Terry’s parents, there was a palpable sense of loss and anger — the two spoke in short, staggered sentences in response to Hannity’s questions. “I probably couldn’t say on camera what I would like to say to him,” Ken Terry said regarding his feelings toward President Barack Obama.

“I was very furious. I was very upset,” he added, speaking about when he first found out about the concept of gunwalking and the fact that it was linked to his son’s death. “It’s like a bad dream, like I’m going to wake up.”

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