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Friday, June 22, 2012

Team Obama's Habitual Lies Earn Second Wapo 4 Pinocchio In Two Days

By Susan Duclos

At this point the only explanation for Team Obama's habitual lies is to throw enough crap against the wall and pray something sticks or that fact checking organizations somehow miss the lies.

Yesterday Team Obama earned Washington Post's The Fact Checker's four Pinocchio rating for their capaign ad accusing Romney of being a "corporate raider." (Wua America piece HERE, Wapo's detailed rating page HERE.)

Today, The Fact Checker takes on the comments from White House senior adviser David Plouffe on “Fox News Sunday,” June 17, 2012, who said "“There was an amazing article the other day, I believe it was in the Wall Street Journal, where Republicans in Congress openly were saying, ‘we’re not going to do anything until the election on the economy, because we want to help Mitt Romney.’ ... With an economy that needs help right now, with the middle class that’s struggling, it’s an amazing thing.” 

“For all of this talk about government, for every private-sector job created in Massachusetts by Governor Romney, six public sector jobs.”

Via Washington Post:

As for Plouffe’s claim about the Bay State’s employment gains, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show Massachusetts added 22,400 private-sector jobs during Romney’s tenure. That means the state would need to have created 134,400 public-sector jobs in the same period for the White House adviser’s claim to be true.

That’s not even close to what happened. Massachusetts gained just 5,300 state-government jobs while Romney was in office. As such, the state added more than four private-sector jobs for every state-government job. This is pretty much the reverse of what Plouffe claimed.

The best reasoning we could find to support Plouffe’s claim is that the rate of public-sector job growth for the state (4.7 percent) was about six times that of private-sector gains (.79 percent) during Romney’s tenure. But this is very different from having six times the number of new government jobs, which is what the White House adviser clearly implied when he said, “for every private-sector job created in Massachusetts by Governor Romney, six public sector jobs.”

The bottom line here is that Plouffe equated growth rates with raw numbers, thereby vastly exaggerating the amount of public-sector work the Bay State created under Romney.

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