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Friday, June 29, 2012

Videos- The Day After Obamacare Ruling....... The Obama Tax Ads Begin

By Susan Duclos

The RNC, Crossroads GPS, and Americans for Prosperity, all within 24 hours of the Supreme Court decision upholding the individual mandate by legally defining it as a tax, the largest tax increase on the middle-class in history, all have video ads out hammering the point home.

The RNC with "Just Another Broken Promise" showing Barack Obama in 2009 disagreeing with anyone that dares to call the "penalty" by it's now-legally defined rightful name, a tax.


Americans for Prosperity launched a new $9-million ad campaign, using the Obama tax theme:

“Shouldn’t Obama’s priorities have been creating jobs and ending reckless spending?” asks a female narrator in the spot, which the group says is airing in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin. “Instead, he focused on a $2-trillion healthcare takeover that we have to pay for. How can we afford this tax? We’re already struggling.”


Crossroads GPS has updated their ad in North Dakota against Democratic Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp to accuse her of supporting a measure that “raises half a trillion dollars in taxes on Americans.”


This is just the beginning............. It is a good bet that Mitt Romney will be using a significant amount of the $4.3 million dollar money bomb that Oamacare opponents pushed into his coffers within hours after the ruling, on ads with the same theme.

[Update] Mitt Romney also has the first of many ads out titled "Day One, Job One, #FullRepeal"


Hot Air provides an inside look at how competent Romney's response team was, a four minute speech, the campaign ad shown above and they preparations for the deluge of traffic his donation page started receiving:

At that point, what had been a flood of traffic on the campaign and RNC websites turned into a deluge.  Within an hour, the campaign had to expand their infrastructure from eight servers to 24 in order to keep the donation pages running — a contingency that might only happen once in a campaign, but for which Team Romney had prepared from the beginning.  Traffic increased to five times what the sites would normally experience, but more critically, donations exploded to something close to twenty times their normal rate.  The infrastructure decisions made two months ago played a critical role in keeping up with demand.  As Moffatt explained, normal web-page hits don’t put a lot of stress on servers, but the secure donation transactions require many times more in server resources.  Donor pages had three to four thousand simultaneous transactions at times in the rush following Romney’s statement, and the sites stayed up to take advantage of them all.

In the end, the Romney and RNC campaign websites had 200,000 unique visitors in the 24-hour period following the Supreme Court decision — with 47,000 donations.  That’s a conversion rate of nearly 25%, far above the normal rate for campaigns. The success wasn’t limited to just the campaign websites, either.  Obama has a 5-year head start on Facebook, and has 27 million followers already, while Romney had 2.1 million before the court decision.  Despite that, Team Romney beat Team Obama on Facebook “engagements” in the first 24 hours after the decision, 493,400 to 464,000, when Obama supporters had more to celebrate.  Romney picked up three times as many supporters in the period as well, 28,713 to 9,600.