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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Obama 2008 Criticizes Bush On Foreign Policy: Obama 2012, 'Don't Criticize Prez On Foreign Policy'

By Susan Duclos

An article in Politico, titled "Obama warns Mitt Romney on foreign policy;" details Obama's remarks warning Mitt Romney supporters from criticizing him on Foreign Policy, claiming that Mitt Romney’s campaign advisers should quit criticizing him on foreign policy and that he thinks "traditionally the notion has been that America’s political differences end at the water’s edge."

So, while Obama sits in the White House there is some type of line drawn in the sand yet it was different when Obama, in 2008, was doing the very same thing?

 It took one Google search to bring up articles from 2008 which shows Obama as the hypocrite he is. WJS headline from 2008: "Obama Criticizes ‘Bush-McCain’ Cuba, Latin America Policy."

May 2008, via ABC News, headline "Obama takes issue with Bush foreign policy speech."

Those are just two examples of many showing that Barack Obama in 2008, while still a Senator who was trying to obtain the Democratic nomination to run for President had no problem offering Foreign Policy criticisms of a sitting President, yet now he is "warning" Romney campaign officials from daring to criticize him???


Reminder of this morning's hypocrisy from Obama as well, where in 2007, via video,  Obama claimed that Executive Privilege should not be used to hide information from Congress, yet he asserted it himself just this morning in an attempt to hide Fast and Furious documents from Congressional Oversight.