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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Walker/Kimberlin Saga: Walker SWATted After Winning Emergency Motion In Maryland

By Susan Duclos

Yesterday a Maryland Judge granted Conservative blogger Aaron Walker's emergency motion in a win for Freedom of Speech rights. Wake up America wrote about it here, and Aaron's full piece, including the stay and convicted  "Speedway Bomber" Brett Kimberlin's argument against issuing Walker's emergency motion, can be found HERE.

The very same night, Aaron Walker was "SWATted", where police receive a fake 911 call pretending a violent crime has been committed and they show up in full force, with weapons at the Conservative blogger's home who has been targeted in this very dangerous new assualt against bloggers.

Please read the whole account of the SWATting experience over at Aaron Walker's blog.

Quick note and a very big thank you to Aaron, not for just fighting for everyone's Free Speech rights, but for notifying me that someone had left a comment here at Wake up America, in a previous piece about the whole Walker/Kimberlin/Maryland court fiasco, which listed a judge's name, address and phone number in my comment section.

Planning a vacation to my father, first time in 6 years, then visiting him, then coming home to having to buy a new computer (my old one is going the computer graveyard once I get everything I need from it), somehow caused me to miss that comment. (My bad, mea cupla, it is gone now!)

Brett Kimberlin didn't miss it though because when going through the embed on Walker's site of Kimberlin's argument against granting Walker his stay until the July 5, 2012 appeal is heard, I noticed that Kimberlin's "Exhibit F" on page 14 of the embed below,  (Exhibit letter below the screen shot) is a copy of that comment, which didn't come from me but came from someone named "biffula".

Aaron Walker Emerg PO Stay (Redacted)

With the constant attacks against people that report  on Brett Kimberlin, by Kimberlin and/or his supporters, I cannot say I am happy to have my small blog and sparse comment section mentioned in any court documents or to know that Kimberlin himself, who has filed over 100 lawsuits against people that dare report about him, has highlighted this blog in any way, shape or form.

With that said,  I would not change the fact that in my own small way I am trying to help spread the word about the tactics being used against Conservative bloggers to intimidate them into not reporting.

I will continue to do so.

If we all do not stand up against such intimidation tactics then when it us attacked no one will stand for us either.

We have to stand together.

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