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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

FaceBook Hides Your Email And Sets Default To Theirs

By Susan Duclos

A Tuesday Tidbit here.

LifeHacker announces that FaceBook has added an email to your FaceBook account for free. Nice of them!!! Problem is, they have automatically, without telling users, hidden the email you chose to use for your account while making their email the default for your account.

I went to FaceBook,clicked my account profile, hit "edit profile" the went to contact information, and sure enough there are two emails listed. The was hidden and the one set to show was

Easy enough to change by setting mine to show and theirs to hidden, but shouldn't it be up to users to decide which email they wish to use as their default? Or, I don't know, maybe users should be able to depend on the preferences they set for themselves to stay that way?

Via LifeHacker:

Update: A Facebook spokesperson has responded to everyone's questions on the subject, but they don't have much to say—except that yes, they have given everyone a Facebook email address and rolled out a "new setting that gives people the choice to decide which addresses they want to show on their timelines." They did not explain why (or even acknowledge) that all of these addresses were made default on people's profiles. You can read the full response over at Matthew Keys' blog. Thanks, @MsLaurenRae!

It is just a tidbit of info, but for those that use FaceBook more than I do, we should have been told first or hey, novel idea..... asked.